Bootcamp de salud mental: procrastinar MÁS, no MENOS | Seminario web para jugadores saludables n.º 3

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  1. HealthyGamerGG

    WEBINARS RUN EVERY WEEKDAY (Mon-Fri) 9AM CDT UNTIL APRIL 8TH! Sign up in the description.

    0:29 What is procrastination?
    9:41 The three different types of procrastination
    13:05 Idealistic procrastination
    22:12 Avoidance procrastination
    32:18 Operational procrastination
    44:30 Meditation (ohm chanting)


    realizing I'm dealing with all 3 types at the same time

  3. Sebastian Sipos

    I'm 32 and have learned a bunch from you. GG

  4. epistemophilic metalhead

    . procrastination is prevalent because it's an effective tool to get work done in very less time just good enough to get through
    . TYPES

    1. idealistic: waiting to become perfect
    -> you're stuck in this "perfect or nothing" situation. either get an a or just not write the exam at all cause you're not confident
    -> the more you fail, the more you fantasises and the more impossible it becomes to achieve it. this is a vicious cycle
    -> grieve for your loss and aim low (aim for 70% perfection)

    2. avoidance procrastination
    -> afraid of failure or rejection or letting yourself/others down or looking dumb in front of other people
    -> recognise what exactly the feeling is you're feeling or running away from
    -> stop rationalising your feelings and think of how someone else would feel
    -> tell yourself what you would tell to console/help someone else who'd be feeling the same as you are

    3. operational procrastination: you think to yourself after finishing the task "oh this wasn't that hard"
    -> you're unclear of what exactly to do to finish the task, how to break the problem to small tasks and work on them individually
    -> Start at the end and work backwards to realise what exactly you need to do in order to get there.
    -> create a list and check one box at a time

    44:30 meditation

  5. Lucas Santoro

    What about the "I'm tired procrastination"? (is the same as idealistic?)
    And the "I'd rather do this other thing wich is somewhat productive as well procrastination"? (is this emotional?)
    And the "I don't know what do I want, why do anything at all, what's the meaning of it all procrastination"? (is this operational?)

  6. Henry Ayers

    Thanks Dr K, every video gets me one step closer to self healing ❤️‍🩹

  7. Shinitakunai

    I am working as i listen to how to not procrastinate, get on my level (Don't Do That)

  8. MrFiremagnet

    Who else is using this video to procrastinate?

  9. Matt

    I have all three 1 is defending 2, 2 is defending 3

  10. Koala Bear

    You are a superhero.

  11. General Kenobi

    Very good video. Tahnk you very much, But… what if. I always set my goals to be The Best in X and Y. When I start something, like job that I have I tell myself that Im gonna be best at it and in "short" time i'll be making a lot of money. But you know, when I start this I was incompetent, not ready to do it. Some time has passed, im getting better But on a smaller Daily tasks, it looks like i've got 2nd and 3rd Type. I do absolute minimum, or things that I really need to do, of course near the deadline, because I'm afraid that it not gonna work, or im afraid of making a mistake. And after all it looks like that if I will do it on time that should be much easier to do.
    Im not on regular basis here so maybe that is not all 3 types But when I watch it, it feels like that. Also when I come back from work in first 3 months I was reading , and working out, But now I only watch youtube or playing video games. And after a weekend i feel like shit when I enter the week, like i lost 2 full days for doing nothing. Like im in a loop of constant "regret"

    Disclaimer to whoever reads it. Sorry But English is not my 1st language, and it can get chaotic because I cannot think of words wich better describe situation.

  12. chari Muvilla

    When it comes to me studying for my university I realized I have all 3 types of procrastination combined. No wonder it feels like such a deadlock from time to time. I think another problem I have is that I often won't start working until it's too late.

    And you didn't mention that but I think a very big problem about procrastinators is that we don't organize our shit correctly. If there is a task coming up you need to make sure you break it down to estimate how much time it will need and then add more because things can always go wrong. I feel like if you have a clear schedule of what you need to do and a timeline it's a lot easier to stop procrastinating because there is a very specific task for today and you know that if you don't do it you will fall behind which is very bad. This way it's not as easy to say "meh I still have time I'll do it tomorrow".

  13. melika

    dr k is honestly a genius.

  14. Ryan Holden

    My brain trying to listen to Dr K, while reading these subtitles….. I feel like Steve Buscemi….

  15. Remiwi

    I get all 3 of these 🙁

  16. Nathan Gehman

    I don't know what kind of procrastination I have. I just feel stressed about doing a paper so I put it off and the stress grows and I start to lock up until eventually I realize it's fur in 7 hours and I haven't started researching and I just start writing. But sometimes I don't start writing. Maybe it isn't procrastination at all but some form of just not doing it. Idk anymore

  17. Nathan Gehman

    I feel like idealistic procrastination can be a good thing in some cases. I want to start streaming but I want to stream with a "vtuber" style. So I can stream right now and also work on making a vtuber avatar, meaning I am building a different audience than what my audience will be, meaning it will be almost pointless, and I won't be spending as much time on making my avatar. But if I don't stream and I spend that time that I would be streaming working on my avatar, that's much more efficient.

    But it only works if I actually spend that time working on the avatar. Otherwise it's pointless

  18. iota-09

    Watched(most of) the video and i have to say, i do recognize the various procrastination types, but none of the solutions quite hit the mark for me… In fact the solution for the second type it's pretty much 100% ineffective for me(emotional support, whether it came from others or from me, never really worked for me honestly, and the bit about "grieving" in the first type also hadme confused due to something that happened to me recently, but that one actually does work sometimes, partially, even if most of the time i just skip the "set a lower objective" and go straight to "no objective attainable")

    But that third type… The solution itself doesn't work for me, i never managed to do checklists and complete them in a literal sense, but something he said made me realize something: there's likely more than one solution.
    Not only there's more types of procrastination he hasn't talked about, but i'm fairly sure each type can have more than one solution.

    The reason i got that is because he said "it's like an rpg, you get a checklist and as you move down you're (slowly) closing in on your end objective even if you only do one transitional task at a time, and in the rpgs they all cut the middle man, ff doesn't tell you "defeat sephirot" it says go do this, than this, then that…"

    Gut reaction was "hm, but elden ring does do that? So i can't really apply that…"
    And then i realized: no it does, i just don't think of it as a checklist, but i AM indeed going down a checklist, even when drawing the maps,(yes i drew by hand the elden ring maps, out of… Passion? I guess) it wasn't an actual checklist, but i was still doing things step by step.

    I don't think the solution at leastfor the third type that he proposed would work for me, but it's making me realize that i can probably figure out a solution on my own if i try to analyze everything… Not so much from a different perspective, but with a different "reading key" as we'd say in italy, if i try to interpret the questions and the process to reach an answer to that question differently.


    Doesn't remove the fact the solutions here wouldn't work for me, but still, interesting.
    If my theory is correct, although indirectly, i still will figure this out…

  19. Mutt Languages

    🎶🎵recording in the beedrooooom 🎵

  20. Haunter

    So, Operational procrastination is "This thing sounds so vague and scary, how do I even begin doing this?"

    Avoidance procrastination is "This thing's going to be unpleasant for me, I don't want to go through this"
    Idealistic procrastination is "I want to do this thing 100% perfectly, so I'll do it when I'm 100% prepared"

  21. Shahab Sheikhzadeh

    So this is cool that there are bootcamps, especially the fact that the Google drive has various people's notes. But why are the downloads restricted? That's extremely unhelpful and negates the purposes of even giving us the ability to look at the notes other people took in the first place. Hopefully this can be fixed 🙂

  22. Arnaldo Castro

    about idealistic procastination: in brazil we have a saying for this: "o ótimo é inimigo do bom". It translates as "the great is the enemy of the good"

  23. Olivia12333

    What is the type of procrastination where you procrastinate petty things you don’t want to do? Like shower, or clean room. I know how to shower, it’s not associated with emotional pain, but I can’t be arsed to do it when I’m not meeting people (I don’t have BO). But when I have a meeting, I stand in front of the shower seething with hatred until I’m running late, and then I shower and it barely takes 20 minutes.

  24. Olivia12333

    He talked about 3 kinds of procrastination but then he didn’t address how to fix the efficiency procrastination he mentioned in the beginning. I feel like that’s what I have. When I start a month early I will take the whole month to do what I could in 2 days. But I wish I could do that in the first 2 days, then spend idk, an extra day to polish, so that I can actually get a good mark. But when my brain hears that it goes, Aha! So we start 3 days before the due date. And when I do start early and it’s going slowly my brain says, you could’ve done this faster if only you started right before the deadline. Now you’re suffering for NOTHING.

  25. I'm A panda

    What about when you just don’t feel like doing something.

  26. toastybowl

    Dr. K. describes a magma floe 🌋 to a room full of dudes who just broke out of Plato's cave:

  27. Jamie N.

    OK THIS VIDEO IS LITERALLY INVALUABLE. I’m 17 and feel so grateful to have found you Dr. K. A million times thank you and I wish you and your loved ones the best, in life, health, and happiness!

  28. Jamie N.

    I just finished the video and thank you, so so much. You’ve given me direction with this video. I will spread to video around to my friends and family. Something as tricky as procrastination all of a sudden seems so much easier to overcome when it’s laid out in a neat set of notes. Again thank you so much Dr. K!!

  29. Jamie N.

    What’s up with the subtitles?

  30. SlipSlopTV

    I have all of these..


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