El controvertido Olofboost

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¿Qué pasaría si tuviera una estrategia secreta tan sin precedentes, tan dominante, que usarla podría no valer la pena? Cuando finalmente lo usaste y valió la pena, ¿cómo te sentirías? Counter-Strike siempre ha sido un juego estratégico. Pero esas estrategias también evolucionan, incluso en mapas que existen desde siempre. Impulsar siempre ha sido parte de eso. Pero el impulso que usó Fnatic en DreamHack Winter 2014 en Overpass fue diferente. Ahora inmortalizado en graffiti en Overpass, el impulso es un recordatorio del poder del ingenio, la presión que enfrentan los atletas de deportes electrónicos y el área gris entre lo que es posible y lo que es aceptable. Escrito por Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet) Editado por Paul Park (@phjpark) Presentado por Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen) Lista de cortesía: #CSGreatestGames Episodio 1: «Boostgate» Cortesía: RoomOnFire Enlace: https://youtu.be/-3b1ANZ_Dyk DreamHack Winter – NiP Xizt: «El impulso de Fnatic fue un truco sucio» Cortesía: ESEA Enlace: https://youtu.be/-Tb7h80Gefk Hiko n0thing y Troubley en Fnatic vs LDLC ‘Pixelwalking’ Cortesía: la Bliinkyy Enlace: https:// youtu.be/AvsXBNFgpWk #BoostGate! Fnatic boost vs LDLC Dreamhack Quarterfinals Cortesía: TheWarOwl Enlace: https://youtu.be/nRY_TRipfpQ Thorin’s Thoughts – Revisiting the FNATIC-LDLC Boost (CS:GO) Cortesía: Thooorin Enlace: https://youtu.be/VKQyMt_swY0 CS: GO fnatic pixelboost vs LDLC (cuartos de final) DreamHack invierno 2014 Cortesía: Ofarlig Enlace: https://youtu.be/-kTdZEhPoDg Dreamhack 2014 VODS Cortesía: Dreamhack Enlace: https://www.youtube.com/user/DreamhackMedia DHW2014 CSGO: Entrevista de impulso ganador del juego Fnatic Devilwalk Cortesía: Dreamhack a través de Youtube MrFilthy Enlace: https://youtu.be/9Pti-EUfrmw ESL One VODS Cortesía: ESL Enlace: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPq2ETz4aAGo2Z-8JisDPIA DreamHack en el escándalo de las trampas (DHW14) Cortesía: Dreamhack a través de Youtube Blasphinho Enlace: https://youtu.be/QXnFyvXQNzU Thorin y Richard Lewis en los clips sospechosos de Flusha Cortesía: Richard Lewis a través de Youtube juanme555 Enlace: https://youtu.be/6emUgO5BMDU Flusha acusaciones, todos sus momentos extraños y todas las declaraciones sobre sus trampas. Cortesía: mOE a través de Youtube N8DE Enlace: https://youtu.be/3185zZ9EHYM SUMMIT1G DISCUTE FLUSHA «CHEATING CLIPS» CON DESTINY Cortesía: Summit1G a través de Youtube LemonSkunk CSGO Enlace: https://youtu.be/GUD1InxXFGw 25 CSGO Cinematics [de dust2]
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  1. Fabio Monteiro

    I never understood the hate they got from pro players. Its not like they are exploiting a smoke bug like astralis or monesy did… the map drawing allowed them to do the boost there, they were genius to find that one boost. Im not even a fnatic fan but they should’ve gone through with the W

  2. Pold111

    im glad that fnatic roster didn't quit and continued to play regardless of being called "cheaters"

  3. Djes

    I'm just going to add something in here, even tho my comment will be drowned into the abyss, but…

    I'm gonna say I agree and disagree with both side. Both were on the wrong, LDLC and Fnatic were called out for their boost by the organizers and it is a game of strategy and tactics, anything that can help to know where your oponents are is really good, and I can understand that LDLC did it, so Fnatic can do it too.
    LDLC's boost was a small portion of the map, and was still overpowered but not gamebreaking, Fnatic's boost was almost half the map if not 3/4 of the map, which I understand the backlash, even tho I don't condone it, and especially some hard things the community said to Fnatic.
    In the end, that's none of their fault, that's Valve's fault for not walling their game well, and even if LDLC knew the Fnatic boost, it would likely lead to a 15-15 match with one of the team winning in overtime, that'd be just boring and not an interesting match.

  4. Kazef W

    Brawn GP, Racing Point in 2018 and 2019, Aston Martin in 2022, these are just a few examples that I'm aware, I'm sure there's still a lot that I'm not aware of.

  5. Popay

    fnatic götten inletmiş diye yorumladım

  6. Skoggington

    honestly, i think the boost was clever, not cheating. Especially when the other team had a illegal boost aswell

  7. Exodium

    Oh yes, getting mad at someone using an allowed but secret position. If anyone else had found it, they would have used it as well; but redditors treat them like criminals

  8. Concent

    :chatting: “shameless”

  9. Addictive

    They found a new boost and used it. If another team had found it, they would also use it. But the real question is "would everyone be as angry as they was to fnatic?"

  10. Ryan Thomson

    Fnatic should have had this win. it wasn't a bug. it wasn't an exploit…it was an over sight in map design. Outrage should have been levelled squarely at the Map Designer. For it was their level of Oversight that allowed both the LDLC and Fnatic boost to happen.

    and if its true that LDLC didn't want want to replay the second half….then by all rights Fnatic again should have gotten the win in the rematch instead of themselves forfeiting the game.

  11. tonyxrip

    Has it been removed? I seen someone do this the other day on CSGO which inspired my search on it.. has it just been removed in tournaments?

  12. fafflerproductions

    From a competitive standpoint: the boost is absolutely fair, since it technically didnt violate rules.

    From any other view however, that kind of thing is not fun to play against. It's basically cheating, but without cheats. It ruins the integrity of the game.

    I think fnatic should have been declared winner, but looked into preventing situations like this.

    Though the argument could be made that declaring them winners encourages "1 time use" strategies that look for loopholes in the rules and take advantage of them.

  13. Arkyu Detoo

    it's not an exploit, it's a big brain moment, to call it an exploit, is like calling dendi's fountain hook an exploit, just some damn haters and bitters.

  14. Hoa Tran Quynh

    the boost might be even more op consider the possibility of jumping into the top of the connector at the b site. But maybe at that time, the woodflat is the limit of the boost, but this was before the update, so it could be done

  15. Tony

    Iconic play that should have counted. The ruling proved that the community can bully the officials and organizers to get what they want. Such a shame so many in the scene are cringe.

  16. Blair Spurtburgler

    Man I categorically disagree with all the responses I see in this comment section, but again the video is misleading at times and apologetic to cheating at best.

    This was proven to be illegal.
    This did exploit bugs.
    The team kept information away from Valve about a competitive breaking bug, which is against the partnership orgs have with them.
    Supposedly the manager of fnatic had a video posted to youtube removed so Valve wouldn't see it and patch it.

    And it ruined the game as a spectator sport. Even if all of the above hadn't been the case the integrity of the game and map was shattered in seconds.

    Thank god there was a backlash, imagine what cs would look like if this type of behaviour was encouraged. This wasn't about creativity, this was about finding a game breaking bug, keeping it a secret for 6 months burning bridges, and whipping it out live on stage because you couldn't deal with losing so hard.

  17. dumbf4k

    ah legendary csgo moment i had the pleasure of watching live!
    too bad the french couldnt take the L and had to cry about it.

  18. RyanMK666

    Shoulda just rushed B
    Honestly though, if LDLC were refusing to replay then fnatic shouldn’t have forfeited.

  19. Josericho Rachmat

    Damn all these pros are so SALTY that fnatic found something on the map that they did not anticipate. Fair game as it is not a cheat/glitch (Yes should have been patched after) but fnatic’s win was legitimate.

  20. Javier

    So the loser crybabies got rewarded in cs go?

  21. Alpa

    I remember this. It was so bullshit they took their win away or whatever happened. If any team knew about that boost they would use it. LDLC choked every single site they pushed with or without the boost. They could have also played it heaps better after they figured it out.

  22. Leonardo Iannella

    IMO if it is in the game, is a feature. If you don't want that in your game just remove it, but don't complain to the players since it is your fault

  23. LordZ19

    Possibly the best game in ESports history.

  24. TheOfficialWASD

    This was so legendary to watch when I was in high school.

  25. Mc Jethro Pov Tee

    Olofpass is just the CSGO equivalent of Dota2's Pudge-Chen Fountain Hook.

    Was it an exploit? Yes.

    Is it cheap? Sure.

    Is it cheating? Hell no.

    They had more knowledge of the map.

  26. get

    TBH pretty bad play from ldlc. so many rounds they could have figured out where hes was boosted und kill him with an AWP it was just bad and great map awareness from fnatic. undeserved major

  27. JoRo

    The only problem I have about it being strategy over just a clear exploit is that they were being destroyed beforehand and without it they would’ve lost. I get it’s smart and I agree but let’s not say they were outplayed, more like outsmarted. It’s not really skill when before that your skill was about to remove you from the competition and the boost kept you from losing another round.

    However both teams boosted, stop whining ldlc, take your lumps.


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