El Dr. K habla con un partidario ORGULLOSO de Trump con David Pakman

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  1. Just a guy

    Sounds like merril from walking dead. Getting into trouble with street thugs in philadelphia, then getting shipped off elsewhere as she is worried for his safety. Reminds me of someone else but can't remember who.. .

  2. Spaghetti Fart

    There’s an imbalance in the universe that can only be settled by Pakman allowing himself to be interviewed by Dr. K in the same way as Jimmy.

  3. Spaghetti Fart

    Ohhh my goooooooddddd he’s only 58 😭😭🤣 I love this guy

  4. Bloop Bloop

    He doesn't seem too terrible but he's hard to understand when he's not directly answering the question at hand most of the time

  5. ꧁꧅ìꦧ꧀ꦖì꧅꧂

    a lot of comments using psychoanalysis of their opposition to justify their beliefs.
    Understandable to use that as a shield, but please watch yourselves

  6. Equality 7-2521

    That painting is so funny! This dude is a piece of work. He reminds me of the boomers I work with. They are a different breed.

  7. Sean Anderson

    Dr. K trying his hardest to pathologize a man's politics. He has unpalatable views, so he must be a damaged person. It just comes across as a manipulative interview, unfortunately.

  8. RaumpleStomp

    A blast to talk to…a shotgun blast🤯

  9. Laura M. G.

    This was very interesting to be honest. On the internet it's very common to one-dimensionize people who don't agree with oneself. Everyone's a unique individual derived from their experiences, and just because we're used to engage others with closed-mindedness doesn't mean that's how we actually *are*. Very eye opening, this interview. Thanks to Dr. K for doing such a good job at talking and allowing all of us to see these topics from a better perspective.

  10. Sonowa

    Super interesting conversation. This kind of exchange is what's missing so much in our divided society. Seeing each other as human beings and trying to understand each other.
    What I found particularily inspiring is that DrK managed to make Jimmy "look like a good person" (not that he isn't, just as the opposite of 'make someone look like an ass')
    There are many, many people that know how to make another one look like an ass. But here, K got the best out of Jimmy – even although he was constantly interrupting, not giving straight answers, evading questions and blaming the left every 2 sentences – in the beginning. By being patient and slowly asking the right questions, an open exchange could emerge.

  11. TheKlopka

    This is kind of a caricature of trump supporters. You got the most fringe person on here.

  12. Michael Hanford


    David's tone on, "oh, is that right?" says a lot about him. Lol cant say i blame jimmy's history of winding up a condescending knowitall.

  13. Michael Hanford

    Tell me the dude isnt from Pittsburgh😂sounds just like Myron Cope.

  14. Giotto_

    If you told me that Joaquin Phoenix's Joker is based on Jimmy, I would've believed ya.

  15. General D

    He sounds and acts like a GTA character

  16. S N

    does THG have executive emotionality? or is he instrumentally good at what he does?? Straddling the fence ATM.

  17. EMS

    It's understandable, but in this instance a shame that we can't hear a diagnosis. Sociopathy / AsPD? NPD? I would really love to know. Oh well

  18. Benjamin Rothwell

    I want people to realize this man, Jimmy, represents the older side of “MAGA republicans” very well. However, younger people of this political belief, like me, are nothing like him. The only shared point between me and him is the idea of I’m not a victim regardless, the idea of stand back up and keep moving. Anyway I just want people to know that the “Trump supporter” box is incredibly large and Jimmy only represents a small section of it, and I don’t think classifying all of us into a Jimmy box is fair.

  19. John Little

    I honestly think Jimmy thinks he's helping people to toughen up by saying the things he does.

  20. Trezze

    jimmy does have a point tho

  21. howdy friends

    i am really sympathetic to jimmy, despite our large political, cultural, and social differences (as a proverbial "man in a dress" and open communist)
    something we have in common, we are both recovered addicts, and i can really resonate with a lot of the emotions and stories he shared with us.

    the anti-pc thing is a little cringy, but he does raise a really good point about how a pluralistic and free society doesn't have sacred cows.
    i don't think it should be the highest cultural taboo to make fun of trans people, and i look forward to the day where society has progressed such that we can be a part of the jokes, on an equal footing as everyone else, instead of one side patronizing us and the other side slandering us.

    i am also very sympathetic to his issues with the court, how our current system is "guilty until proven innocent".
    i just wish he could apply that same mentality to the dozens of cases where unarmed people keep getting killed by cops.

    it felt kind of disingenuous for david to be posturing like he's this detached, analytical narrator, meanwhile he's digging through his patient chart to find the most unflattering things to say about a guest that he politically disagrees with, instead of telling us about who he is on a more fundamental level.
    we got "well, he got drunk and committed acts of racial hatred," which seems like a flagrant misrepresentation of the story, from what i can gather.

    all in all, fantastic interview, it was really cool to hear a psych professional talking to this person, treating him with respect, and just engaging with him as an equal. it will help inform me when I'm engaging with people like Jimmy in the future.

  22. Love Byström

    This guy sounds like bill burs characters

  23. Green Mann

    Jimmy is a legend and is based af. David Pakman comes is a such a smug asshole and detracts from the video.


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