Este streamer sordo está acabando con los estereotipos

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¿Cuál fue la última vez que fuiste la primera persona en hacer algo? Para la mayoría de las personas, ser pionero en algo es, en el mejor de los casos, una quimera. Conoce a Ewok, la streamer sorda de 14 años que se unió a FaZe Clan en julio como creadora de contenido. Si su rápido éxito es una señal de lo que vendrá, estará pateando traseros en un futuro cercano. Presentado por: Devin Jones (@milkshks) Escrito por: Alina Sotula (@ASotula) Editado por: Matt Massey Todas las imágenes son cortesía de: #FaZeClan #Ewok #Fortnite Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Música LLC («APM»). Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síganos en Instagram:

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  1. Suomipe

    thank god she chose fortnite since it has the sound help thing but if she started with cs go where the enemy info is like 80% sound that would have been hell for her


    my friend rainoa is deaf and i watch her streams sometimes and she enjoys games no matter what. this is super heartwarming to know she isn't alone.

  3. Meme

    She post some spicy meme worthy stuff on twitter to. I follow her for that. I dont even play fortnite Im a wow player LOL.

  4. Jackie Estecado

    Can anyone please tell me where can i find a list of streamer who have a hearing-impaired friendly channel? (i mean if they have got a speech to text mechanic or sth similar)

  5. ThirtieNyne

    the craziest thing to me is her accent when she signs, its almost like a new language with the way she signs so differently just because she lives on the other side of the states.

  6. Bee

    She's awesome because it feels nothing like a good press play. She's actually REALLY good at games. I hope things go well for her.

  7. yzLac 👁

    I have witnessed a 14 year old handicap kid who trickshots with his feet hit a nac.. ewok dont got shit on Feetz

  8. Gustaf Folger

    Anyone becomes so much less endearing the second I find out they are in faze.

  9. KmartSalesperson

    Seeing her clap after she wins is the most pure thing I have ever seen.

  10. SuspiciousEm

    This is like Ashley Fiolek being the first deaf professional motocross racer. You can accomplish anything, if you set your mind to it.


    This is a nice story. Hopefully she joins a real team soon.

  12. ztido

    Playing without sound isnt a big deal since i play cs while listening to music

  13. CajuN

    She wasnt the first deaf streamer, iv been streaming for ages

  14. Bucky1221

    I blast music because the game is boring it’s easy to play with no sound ngl

  15. Otasuki Kimitus

    Im sorry but she cant hear this video unless she truns caption on

  16. scott smith

    I tried to play with no sounds and its so hard shes so good xD

  17. Jingle

    Bruh what about Mizkif?

  18. Niklas

    Bruh link her channel

  19. virtuoso 31

    you know that this thing will not hold up for a very long term

  20. Lee Mcelhenney

    That one dude that plays with no hands : wtf stop plaaayyyiinnn

  21. Lee Mcelhenney

    Ngl she looks 700% asian when she smiles

  22. AirMaxBlack2

    I have ears and i am also didnt hear any shit in VideoGames.

  23. jhenners

    I use visualize sound effects and i'm not blind. It's basically an advantage.

  24. Doodlie

    Not being rude but why is her mouth moving when she talks? Is it like an addition to sign language?

  25. Loncho

    Tay K be like:

  26. KEROVSKI shorts

    Ok. First of all i am so happy for this girl and i hope this will encourage other gamers with ''differense'', cause i don't think it is a disability.
    When you say ''oh its so hard when you dont hear in the games'' or in life. You speak from your perspective cause you grow up with good hearing.
    You need to understand that she is born like this and this is normal to her. So me trying to play without sound is like to her playing with sound. I mean, it would freak her out.
    New sounds, boom bam, etc.
    We should not separate people with or without hearing.

  27. Masta

    Respect for her from Czech Republic


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