Final trágico y caótico de EVO 2015: GamerBee vs. Momochi

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Las Grandes Finales de EVO son algunos de los partidos más importantes que se juegan en cualquier juego de lucha, y brindan una mirada a los niveles más altos de competencia. Las Grandes Finales de EVO son donde sucede la magia. Y a veces, esa magia se hace aún más poderosa por algo fuera del control de los jugadores. A veces todo sale mal, y el partido más importante del año se convierte también en el más loco. Escrito y presentado por: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen) Editado por: Dennis Gonzales (@Tamanydyn) Lista de cortesía: imágenes del Capcom Pro Tour Cortesía: Capcom, EVO, Shadowloo Showdown, Stunfest, Dreamhack, Japan Cup com/user/CapcomFightersTV/ Evo 2010 – Justin Wong (Rufus) vs GamerBee (Adon) Semifinales Cortesía: EVO EVO 2012 Gran final: Infiltración (Akuma) vs GamerBee Cortesía: EVO https: // EVO 2013 SSF4 2012 AE: AVM Gamerbee vs Poongko Cortesía: EVO SXSW 2015 USF4 – Gamerbee (Adon) vs Kazunoko (Yun) Cortesía: SXSW https://youtu .be/Pa6kaHzslaU Ultra Street Fighter IV – Elena – Prólogo, batalla rival y final Cortesía: Capcom Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. Moun7

    The FGC videos are my favourite.

  2. j 0

    Emoji looks like the kind of guy who’s got no life, no worries and lot’s of free time. A true gamer.

  3. DarkHeroStardust Channel

    A loss in a manner you didn't deserve to lose in.
    A victory in a manner you didn't want to win in.

  4. winedan

    get more than one razor stick?

  5. Sidney Sun

    Don’t hate the player, hate razer

  6. David en Japón

    Man imagine having a pool with Tokido, infiltration and Daigo and emerge victorious somehow.

    Gamerbee is a legend.

  7. shinrahunter

    As a huge fan of GamerBee I was devastated for him when this happened. It was watching him play Adon that got me into taking the game more seriously and actually taking up Adon myself when I was having a character crisis myself having plateaued with Cammy.

  8. Kevin Akers

    SF4 was the best one ever. FADC is the best mechanic included in street fighter, ever.

  9. Zak Fuji

    Tokido is the ultimate bro

  10. ASAD

    As a gamer myself who works hard, but is better when building momentum instead of being good no matter the situation, I felt this on a different level 🙁 Gamerbee is the true winner in my eyes.

  11. Bob Shumack

    Shows up.. and loses. Gamerbee RIP 2015

  12. Bas

    The year the fgc embraced Bruce. I shook his hands a few months after his loss when he came to Red Fight District in Amsterdam. Before the heartbreaking moment the fgc didnt know what to think about Bruce. Most of the time he was by himself at tournaments. Not really interacting with other people besides the ones he knew.

  13. 恩典下凡

    What do you mean by "Tragic", Momochi trains harder than everybody and he uses garbage character like Ken to swimming tournaments consistently, can you even imagine if he lost the EVO because one "free" round?

  14. Jason Houle

    Fuck. His run was so magical and painful to watch live. The ultimate "People's Champ" moment with a sad ending. Thats FGC baby!

  15. ZoeSoft

    watching Gamerbee's partner cry like that, it breaks my heart

  16. VannTheDawn

    If SFV wasn’t toned down to cater to newbies and casuals. The old school SFIV guys would still be at the top of every tournaments.

  17. 田呂丸


  18. Atipong Pathanasethpong

    I remember watching this on a live stream. My cousin had been nagging me for half an hour to go grab food. I essentially told him, "STFU. I'm witnessing the hypest FFIV moment in history right now!"

  19. YoungPhenix

    ANYBODY that's in the FGC knows that in their hearts Gamerbee won that. He's the people's champ for sure that year!


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