Genji vs Yasuo: Choque animado de personajes

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Genji contra Yasuo. Ninja contra Samurai. Cyborg vs Guerrero del Viento. Dos campeones de esports luchan a muerte en el episodio inaugural de Animated Clash of Characters. Con Yasuo jugando últimamente en la LCS, el experto residente en esports de League of Legends de TheScore (léase: snob), Sean Wetselaar, ha estado entusiasmado con lo genial que es Unforgiven. Colin McNeil está aquí para callarlo al demostrar que el mejor luchador que odia a los hermanos y empuña una espada de los deportes electrónicos no es Yasuo, sino Genji de Overwatch. Los dos guerreros toman las armas en una animada lucha a muerte para demostrar quién es el rey supremo. Presentado por Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin) y Sean Wetselaar (@SeanWetselaar) Animaciones de Christian Pearson (@Chr.pearson en Instagram) Edición y diseño de sonido de Simmy Fong (@Sifolyy) Algunos sonidos y líneas de voz cortesía de: Riot Games, Blizzard Entretenimiento. Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síganos en Instagram: Síganos en Snapchat: theScoreesports Visite nuestro sitio web:

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  1. Minion Edifier

    Yasuo can't dash at genji more than once probably. And his passive and windwalls cooldown is way to long. Genjis easily takes this unless yasuo has items

  2. kush patel

    for anyone who wants to see a lore accurate Yasuo Tornado go to 2:45 in the AWAKEN Music video from League of Legends.

  3. Mr. No

    What about Tracer vs Ekko

  4. MMB

    League Of Legend expert excuase me yasuo only can ult thrown into the air characters not jumped or allways on air

  5. HAWK

    Genji could have deflected yasuo ult

  6. scorpion9000

    Pros of genji and yasuo

    Genji pros
    Is cybernetically enhanced and is super strong, Fast, and mobile
    Has reset abilities
    Ultimate is very strong and can one shot in most characters
    His deflect is pretty strong

    Low cool Downs
    strong damage
    mobile champion
    Has many sheilds
    And ultimate can one shot most characters
    Both Op in many ways

    If I were to personally choose who would win between Genji and Yasuo, I personally would choose Genji because Genji is a much stronger hero, more mobile and doesn't need another character to be close by to use his abilities. And ultimately genjj doesn't need to set up his abilities to use his ultimate , yasuo has to CC his opponent before using his ultimate and also theoretically Genji could use his Mobility to get around Yasuos windwall or even dash through or around the windwall

  7. Biggie Alpha

    This LOL players skills are useless when it comes to FPS games lol.

  8. Jaden G

    I need healing

  9. Lion

    me as genji using ult but widowmaker headshots me

  10. TGundamSamurai

    This was actually very short and to the point meanwhile presenting both arguments.

    I actually really like it!

  11. b a

    "The feeder"

  12. Rohny Teh

    Last breath when genji is just jumping and dashing!!! And items are allowed???

  13. Kairo Kalaner

    I dont like tht this isnt an animated fight its more of a description i expected more but oh well

  14. V-U-U-R

    But the genji miss the Yasuo ult now bir this the Yasuo ult and genji wins

  15. The Oasis podcast

    am I the only one who came here from pop cross studios

  16. wisherfox

    he didn't kill his brother, he killed his master

  17. Ascecity12

    Yasuo from the lore could win without even trying

  18. Share Osu

    If there’s minions yasuo will win for sure

  19. the pc user

    but there were no items allowed

  20. X


  21. Noah Lindström

    is it only me or is genji doing 50 dmg with his shift but yasuo do like 500 with a basc attack and genji has 200 hp, lul

  22. Keith Ivan Gatmen

    You didn't use genji's deflect i mean it can deflect almost anything like graviton surge

  23. v1cho

    genji vs Zed :u

  24. jeff kaplin

    the alchoholic was too over power u should have taked about a custom games genji he can beat that other guy

  25. warrentan831

    Lameee!!! Genji is stronger than yasuo u talk shit

  26. Aqasavalla

    Colin's ego is high enough for Yasuo to use Last Breath on him

  27. Glib

    Doesn't Yasuo seem like Hanzo before he "killed" Genji?

  28. Naive

    Ap YI wins

  29. SANS Courge

    rematch Genji dint Use X-Strike from Hero of the Storm


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