Guía de conversación del psiquiatra | Seminario web para jugadores saludables n.º 7

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El Dr. K habla sobre cómo el lenguaje que usas influye en cómo tienes una conversación efectiva. Si disfruta de estas conferencias, envíenos sus comentarios aquí: Notas de la comunidad aquí: Envíe un mensaje a Brandon#6428 en Discord si ¡Me gustaría agregar/compartir tus notas! Suscríbase a Healthy Gamer: Healthy Gamer Stream: _____ DESCARGO DE RESPONSABILIDAD Healthy Gamer es una comunidad en línea y una plataforma de recursos para jugadores y sus familias. No brinda servicios médicos ni asesoramiento profesional, y no reemplaza la atención médica profesional. Nuestros entrenadores son compañeros de apoyo, no expertos capacitados profesionalmente, y no pueden brindar servicios médicos. Si usted o un ser querido está experimentando una emergencia, llame al número de teléfono de emergencia de su país. Todos los invitados de Healthy Gamer están informados de la naturaleza pública y no médica del contenido y han aceptado expresamente compartir su historia. ¡Conviértete en un jugador saludable! Discord de HealthyGamer: Twitter de HealthyGamer: Regístrese para recibir entrenamiento de recuperación: #HealthyGamer #Charisma #Conversation

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  1. sonny

    0:00 Why Extended Periods of Time With People Leads to Straining Your Relationship
    6:00 How Do We Improve Communication?
    12:00 Reflective Listening (Talking like an NPC)
    16:00 How Do You Convince Someone That You Understand Them?
    21:00 How to Speak Effectively

    38:50 Summary

  2. PrincessPowerUp

    @17:43 How about the psychiatrist was a white so she didnt understand race.

  3. Tia Pratiwi

    This kinda doesn't work with conversation involving 3+ people because from my experiences they would talk over each other and you never have the chance to speak. Which is frustrating bc I want to let them talk their piece, but people keep talking their own voices my brain struggle to keep up and in the end I just shut up and people wonder why I'm so quiet

  4. xj911

    Include the questions plz ♡

  5. Jessica TC Lee

    How can you not lose patient in this back and forth…?

  6. Haylz2

    The visual representation of the conversation really helped me understand the concept. Stick with them.

  7. Jihed Medini

    The drawing demonstration is sth else ❤✌

  8. Dire Storm

    Had to pause the video and come here after Dr. K brought up dead baby jokes cause that was hilarious

  9. Who Is Gliese

    The most effective form of communication isn't a conversation, it's reflective listening

  10. Stanislav Iliev

    Dr.K is just 2 more Ks away from being a supervillain

  11. Cameron Wallace

    Every single time I watch a video of yours you teach me basic things about life that I didn't know that it seems like everyone else already had down. At best I was starting to stumble around the edges of these ideas, and then I find you just laying out all these things in a very simple way, clearly explaining things that I didn't know or understand that I desperately needed.

  12. Michael Feinberg

    I would caution I doubt this will work with dysfunctional people – Narcissists, manipulators, etc. This assumes healthy intent in the conversation to begin with. I think people also need the tools to understand when a conversation has red-flags and simply needs to be shut down.

  13. Alex Sere

    hey drK, I just wanted to say that as someone with aspergers this video really helped me with unwritten rules that I know nothing about, thank you

  14. Alex Holthus

    This seems great you're a great talker, but I want a TLDR, maybe a summary? bullet points? it's difficult to even watch this, even 2x speed of 21 minutes is long.

  15. MrFiremagnet

    It pains my soul so much I had to learn these things the hard way and only now I saw this video.
    And still it's kinda sad that it's not like I get bad convo skills on my own, it's imprinted from everyone else. Yet you will be punished for bad convo skills, don't even think to doubt it if you are yet to screw up with that.
    Right now I'm much better at it, but people around me aren't. And most of the time they either start monologs at me to drive their point across, or don't really have any interest in any conversation aside from telling about their personal shit. Which saddens me not only because I used to do exactly that but unaware, but also because I still tend to do that when I'm out of resources to control myself, and additionally because it is just so frustrating when people talk to you that way.

  16. adammyslim

    i feel like an alien learning how to be human

  17. smegskull

    What builds up is anger. The reason is because I can't play my games while entertaining "guests". The solution is get the hell out of my house you insufferable waste of attention.

  18. Eva Brehler

    Absolute brilliant 👏
    Dr K, you are one in a million!

  19. Devon Attia

    I love to come back to this video any time I'm feeling isolated or anxious about an interview / date / etc to think about what I'm doing wrong in my interactions. Dr. K breaks conversation down into such a digestible manner.

  20. The Flyfly

    this is so interesting. i didnt know that this is how conversations work

  21. Zenyatta

    The fact that this is free feels illegal

  22. OverSavior

    I can see how it would work someone, but to be fair, if I was trying to went to someone and they'd respond with "Yeah, it do be like that" every time, to me it would look like they don't care. Whereas if they attempted to give me an advice I would at very least know that they care and have put some thought and effort into trying to help.

  23. SFP

    around 29:00 „then something magical is gonna happen, they’re gonna get here“. just the idea of someone reflecting upon the things I say makes me almost cry. I will try to practice that.

  24. chai lattes

    ⚠Gentle PSA⚠

    It's great to learn and apply these communication skills, but please remember to take care of yourself emotionally too. Being a good listener is very emotionally draining, even in the best case scenario because most people don't know how to listen. It's a skill you have to learn.

    So make sure you also have someone in your life who is a good listener FOR YOU. Reciprocation is so vital, otherwise you will experience emotional burn out and growing resentment in your relationships where you feel like you are always giving, but never receiving the same consideration in return. Sometimes it's good to take a backseat and nurture your relationships by listening and allowing your family and friends to talk. But you deserve to be heard and validated too.

    And if you notice there's someone in your life who always makes you feel seen and heard, try returning the favor. Ask them about themselves and really listen. They will appreciate it more than you know and you will protect a worthwhile relationship.

    Good luck everyone💚

  25. Jari Jansma

    Ive been institionalised, by the oedipal blindness of our time, of myself.

  26. Humourless Jester

    Tried this once with a partner (before watching this video, so I may have used this wrong). Her response was just "Yeah, duh". So for a while I thought that I shouldn't say this.

  27. Julian Muñoz

    Chris Voss’ MasterClass on negotiation kind of goes over the same things. Mirroring, labeling, and asking calibrated questions to direct the conversation and let the other person feel heard. It’s really cool how universal these strategies can be.

  28. Rude Cat

    The closed caption options are English and Croation ? ?? ?? Croation?

  29. Magicooler

    This is so interesting


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