HBox al dejar su trabajo: ‘Nací para ser aparentemente el profesional [Puff] jugador … así que a la mierda, hagámoslo ‘

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Por glamuroso que parezca, la vida de un jugador profesional de Super Smash Bros. Melee no siempre es diversión y juegos; en el caso de Juan «Hungrybox» Debiedma, su carrera en Smash ha obligado a un acto de equilibrio entre el juego que ama, su trabajo de tiempo completo y su vida familiar. Sin embargo, este difícil equilibrio condujo recientemente a una decisión monumental, ya que Hungrybox renunció a su trabajo en octubre para dedicarse a la transmisión y Melee a tiempo completo. Un mes después, en Smash Summit 3, Hbox se sentó para compartir lo que significa para él finalmente aceptar por completo el lado de los videojuegos en su vida y cómo la decisión afectará su futuro. Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síganos en Instagram: Síganos en Snapchat: theScoreesports -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Mire: » Guía de salto de Overwatch: Templo de Anubis» -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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  1. Kitten

    2:40 died that fox died at 69%……

  2. npaprika1

    I usually don't enjoy watching Hbox, but I hope the guy makes enough money from Smash to financially support himself if his pro career ever ends for whatever reason. If you leave an engineering career for a large amount of time I imagine it's hard to get back into the industry. Maybe now he'll have time to practice and realize he's better with a less boring character 😛

  3. Cyan Giorgio

    4:42 “Something About Us” by Daft Punk, from their sophomore album “Discovery”

  4. Air_strike96

    I’m 2 years younger then him and I’m heading into the competitive gaming thing to help pay for my college. Is that a bad thing? Because I barely make enough at my current job.

  5. Sitruk86

    i might not like his playstyle. i might not like to watch his sets. but god damnit, i still have to root for him. he did what we all dreamed of. "fuck this job, ima go play vidya games." and he put in the work to make it.

  6. Daniel O

    Your GF is adorable! It’s really stupid that people give you shit.

  7. Schlimm Shady

    "Melee is not forever"
    That's where you're wrong 🙂

  8. Breno Manhaes

    Hbox- “I quit my job”
    The Moon- “That’s not safe”

  9. Edmond Liew

    I love how the bosses let him choose which event to go to instead of dismissing it entirely on the grounds that video games aren't a viable life choice and therefore shouldn't be involved

  10. Frosty G2Glacier

    >left his job

    sure it was not something a little closer to "let go"?

  11. imran

    no need to curse says fricking

  12. Tucking Fypo

    Easily the most genuine smash player. I fucking hate mango for making him look shitty despite him showing so much undeserved respect back to mango. Poor guy.

  13. Deaf by Hip-Hop

    Well melee is dead if this man is now 100% committed to it. Pp please come and save this game.

  14. Dallas Yes


  15. Stormcutter 59

    I'm gonna be honest, but what Hbox claims he did in the beginning was really damn immature. You can have a crisis, emotions are fine, but if you are gonna get yourself overwhelmed in front of your managers and say such a pitiful statement in front of them like that………thats pathetic dude.

    I respect your decision to play Melee, make your dreams come true, but you could have totally done it in a more dignified way than breaking down in front of your present responsibilities and overly express your inner perils to them as if they are gonna give a shit during their busy day that is totally dependent on your cooperation to do the job you signed on to do.

  16. NoVa

    Just realized HBox looks like my sisters boyfriend. That's why I felt good about this dude.

  17. TheBaesment

    I'm 24. Living in my mom's basement. And I can't even wavedash.

  18. WaEddy

    He looks way older than 23. Is he the youngest melee god?

  19. MrZee

    hbox you keep what you are doing, do you man:')

  20. Michael Young

    You know I never really thought that I would consider myself an HBox fan, but after watching these videos I've really grown to respect this man.

  21. Hero!

    HBox is my favorite melee player because he's the most chill

  22. Ociel Amador

    this man is barely 23 years old 😮

  23. Dajoiy

    i honestly want to pursue esports to but idk if it will screw up my life

  24. Tye Foster

    I'm the same age as Hbox and I want to kill myself. Cheers.


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