La búsqueda para hacer que Fortnite sea competitivo: Fortnite Fridays, Summer Skirmish y Pro Am

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¿Qué pasaría si te dijéramos que hasta 8,8 millones de espectadores únicos estaban viendo la misma competencia de Fortnite todos los viernes? Un torneo que ni siquiera está a cargo del desarrollador de Fortnite, Epic Games, sino de un YouTuber no afiliado. Y recientemente, Epic se comprometió a invertir $ 100,000,000 en los deportes electrónicos de Fortnite solo para la temporada 2018/2019, dando lugar a la Copa del Mundo de Fornite en algún momento en el futuro y la Escaramuza de verano de Fornite de 18 semanas. Ya sea que se trate de deportes electrónicos o no, Fortnite está apareciendo. Escrito por Keith Capstick (@KeithCapstick) Editado por Dennis Gonzales (@Tarmanydyn) Presentado por Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen) Lista de cortesía: ¡Bienvenido a mi canal de juegos de YouTube! Cortesía: KEEMSTAR Fortnite Fridays vods Cortesía: UMG DrLupo vods Cortesía: DrLupo Fortnite Summer Skirmish y Pro Am vods Cortesía: Epic Games Tfue vods Cortesía: Tfue Cloak vods Cortesía: Cloak cloakzy Daequan vods Cortesía: Daequan Ninja vods Cortesía: Ninja PUBG Global Invitational vods Cortesía: PUBG Corporation /playbattlegrounds CouRageJD vods Cortesía: CouRageJD HighDistortion vods Cortesía: HighDistortion TimTheTatman vods Cortesía: TimTheTatman Cap vods Cortesía: Chap ESL PUBG vods Cortesía: ESL Dr DisRespect vods Cortesía: Dr DisRespect com/user/DrDisRespect Reverse2k vods Cortesía: Reverse2k Música usada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. Framex

    Lmao so many salty comments ahaha

  2. James Lowell

    Have to hard nerf building or it has no chance

  3. MajkaSrajka

    Epic Games – I have once thought that the age of Epic/ID Software were over.
    I was wrong.
    They are just biggest badasses in the industry (revered Blizzard can lick their boots).

    These are not indie Chinese devs with the budget. I believe they will sort their shit.
    PUBG runs on the Unreal Engine. Fortnite IS the Unreal Engine. This alone should answer you who have more technical prowess in the field. And PUBG doesn't seem to know much about PR / game development / stuff neither.

  4. Microphunktv

    Fortnite and competitibe lmao…
    Literally the most casual game ever.. i've played facebook games wich are more comptitive than Fortnite….

  5. TnT

    There is custom lobbies, ever since the event ninja had his event, they just dont give them to na organisations for some reason.

    Asia, Eu, Astralia, and brazil has customs and they run frequently

  6. M G

    Fortnite is a steaming pile of shit.

  7. Jasper Li

    The thing is Competitive PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is actually fun to watch unlike Fortnite Battle Royale

  8. Eric Augusto

    Fortnite had the potential
    They just arent built for e-sport initially bcs of luck,balance etc
    Which will hurt their competitive aspect
    With a lot of balancing and proper competition format to minimize the impact of luck tho
    They have the potential to be the biggest in terms of viewership and prizepool (assuming epic games want to commit into the prizepool part)

    Ninja, a humble streamer already regarded as the best player before a fortnite competition ever announced
    U can tell how big their potential is by that
    They already had "heroes" before a war ever started

  9. Pret

    the 100 milion pricepool is bullshit, a lot of the money is given away in v-bucks. they dont give away 100 milion if it doest cost epic games 1 dollar

  10. Wright Blan

    Fortnite Fridays were way better than the skirmishes.

  11. Rkn98

    “Is it an esport? Does it really matter?” Yes. When the developers are trying to market the game as the next big thing in esports, whether or not it fits the definition is 100% relevant.

  12. JP Games

    Sorry, but fortnite will never be E-Sports (because of community and insane luck, yes i never played fortnite and i never will be, what a bad game), period. – Jacob

  13. LFX Gaming

    It shouldn't be an esport 100%. If like every online game becomes an esport then esports will be oversaturated and each actual esport will feel less professional and more "the norm"

  14. poo in bush

    sports that are entertaining to watch are between 2 teams. Imagine a 3 way game of basketball let alone 100 teams. It just won't work. Make a 5v5 pvp mode, thatll be competitive.

  15. Guilherme Amaral

    For all you saying fortnite is already an esport, just wait for the day when some amazing player through some combination of damage gets killed by a higher tier weapon that did 1 more damage point. The other dude is 1 HP, and the loser has lost 1 million dollars because the other guys weapon was a different color.

  16. Tamermoga73

    I love fortnite but with all the RNG, sht metas, and nerfed buildings. Fortnite will never be an esport.

  17. xInsertid


  18. HoteliouS

    (it's all mainly kids who aren't allowed to watch overwatch and csgo)

    EDIT: I said this then I remembered when I was at my little cousins birthday yesterday they were watching Disney and there was a commercial for the Overwatch World Cup 2018

  19. Dravinhe

    So boring to watch this shit. Any other esport is more fun like I’d watch Starcraft before this.

  20. FafNir Master Duel

    the only things that make games becomes an esport, it need good spectator mode..make the match is enjoyable to watch and sometimes statistics is important

  21. Yaw

    Fortnite will never be and never was competitive

  22. Gstfx20

    Omg iron that shirt!

  23. Big D In Little Tokyo

    Good for fortnite, but myth and ninja are both expendable. They are not vital to fortnites success, and are even worse as competitors. I know when I watch summer skirmish, both are nowhere to be seen for the most part

  24. Mane

    Fortnite is too RNG.

  25. chloe burbank

    Fortnite uses more luck than fucking gambling

  26. Fluskar

    fortnite is far from an esport

  27. A

    Its too childish

  28. Atom Knight

    Or we could not make it an esport and just let it die by the year end

  29. Andrés Castro G.

    Poor Courage, not mentioned at all when shown as a caster xddd

  30. Gehenna

    Fortnite can't be an esport because the very nature of the game prohibits it from rewarding raw skill.

  31. piepie444

    So happy epic is doing there own fortnite events. Why. Cause fuck keemstar, so happy his thing is now irrelevant. I dont play fortnite just dislike keemstar.

  32. console

    Competitive fortnite LUL

  33. Kwayke

    It can be an esport, but not in the traditional sense of the word

  34. David St.Romain

    Could someone exain to me the definition of esports? Because the last few weeks of summer skirmish looks pretty esports to me. The game is a year old and still finding its way as an esport I think it'll be fine tbh

  35. Niall Geoghegan

    Now I don't like fortnite very repetitive to me but people saying RNG can't be exports lmao look at hearthstone that's pure RNG

  36. Sean Mullin

    Was only 1 and 2nd cause they fixed it for 2nd one and it was basically a tester


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