La historia de Armada: el francotirador sueco

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Adam “Armada” Lindgren nació el 28 de marzo de 1993 en Gotemburgo, Suecia. Armada nació en una familia numerosa, el quinto de diez hermanos, y fue a través de ellos que descubrió Smash. Su hermano mayor, Alexander “Aniolas” Lindgren, lo llevó a un torneo local en 2004, lo que inició su amor por el competitivo Super Smash Bros. Melee. Cortesía en orden de aparición: 1) Armada gana Genesis 2 2) El documental de Smash Brothers 3) VG Bootcamp apex 2010 Armada & Aniolas 4) METAGAME 5) Últimas leyendas de existencias: Mango vs Armada 6) Imágenes de Epita Smash Arena 3 7) ESA2: SLQ Armada vs ACAP https: // 8) ESA3 Armada contra Amsah 9) Armada vs DaShizWiz /watch?v=59v0D4oG4Z8&t=1s 10) HQ Apex 2010 Hungrybox vs Armada 11) Apex 2010 Melee LQF Armada vs Axe 12) Genesis 2 SGF Mango vs Armada 13) APEX 2013 D r PP vs Armada 14) EVO 2013 Top 8 15) BESTIA #4 Leffen vs Armada 16) SKTAR 3 Armada contra M2K =2yIumhq72hI 17) SSS 22 EMP P4K Mew2King vs Armada Grand Finals 18) Super Smash bros melee mlg campeonato anaheim 2014 Mango vs Armada 19) CEO2014 SSBM Top 8 20) Kings of Cali 4 com/watch?v=pzDOIzzgqso 21) EVO 2014 Armada vs Hungrybox 22) Final de ganadores HST2 Armada vs Leffen 23) Entrevista TBH4 con Armada https:// 24) EVO 2015 Armada contra Hungrybox 25) EVO 2016 Armada contra Hungrybox htt ps:// 26) TBH7 SSBM Armada vs Hungybox Semis Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. logan bettis

    Armada in fact, did not bounce back

  2. Stan Jones

    I wish he would have embraced his “villain” role and stayed in community. He was beloved we just show it different.

  3. Obediah Abisua

    armada is one of the reasons I picked up peach. I've learned alot watching all the smash gods. but every time I see armada play it just gets me soo hyped. love this guy!

  4. TommyKingOf

    Armada might not be cool but hes not melee

  5. Mike

    Count the not enoughs

  6. Sir Boxalot

    Armada and m2k are super nerdy looking in the beginning of doc

  7. Raul Carranza

    “No one quits Melee entirely.”
    I’m hoping that Armada will make a return one day.

    You know……. When this pandemic is over.

  8. MK0825

    I hope to meet some of my idols one day. You included Armada.

  9. Shadow Back Hurt again

    Why does this only have 400k views? Thought it would be past million by now

  10. Eizzah

    Gluto in Ult seems to be doing kinda the same as Armada : he's the best in Europe, but in the US he doesn't win majors yet

  11. king hari

    Leffen kill this God

  12. Parker Hoot

    I know this is a long shot but does anyone know the song from 1:003:00

  13. KennyTheKid

    I wish this covered his Project M career, that's how he got the Swedish Sniper nickname after all.

  14. Teemoniac

    You guys should make a video about the five gods of melee

  15. Evan Shanley

    Armada in 2017: No one quits Melee entirely.

    Me in 2020: There's hope for him to come back!

  16. Woodward Ryan

    Anyone else think HungryBox over reacted on that Evo 16 win a bit for the "clips"? It just looked rehearsed.

  17. Sebas G

    A great god.

  18. Biggest Boy 1030

    So what im hearing is, Armada grew up around pewdiepie

  19. Bigus Pingus

    Where is the video about PPMD and Mango?

  20. Emme Ayoub

    Armada … aka Snotty Snitch

  21. Jose Arelius

    Rip armada you’ll never be forgotten

  22. Noah Chen

    Remember when Peach vs Puff at Genesis could be hype?

  23. Bruh

    Dang armada was born in the same city as pewdiepie

  24. hex

    Bruv the narrator sounds like he hates his job

  25. SecretDeguchi

    XD They did leffen dirty for the first minute. Almost all the clips were on l3ff XD

  26. Syrupshrike

    can we talk about at 13:17 with hungrybox and leffen having legit smiles for armada winning?

  27. Vince Bjazevic

    Can't wait till they do one on Salem…. oh wait

  28. Griffin Ashley

    Your credit to Amazing Shadow is incorrect. That video is a reupload of an East Point Pictures Project

  29. Bum Big

    Imagine getting the title worlds best smasher😈

  30. The Lord of The Weebs

    I wish I knew of competitive smash sooner. I would have liked to see Armada's rise. I missed so much, but at least I know his history. Truly my favorite melee God/Player.

  31. walt

    I was right there when he won Apex 2013. It was pandemonium!

  32. R M

    Wait, mew2king isn't one of his siblings?


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