La historia de EVO: Parte 1

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No hay nada en el mundo como Evo. Ningún torneo de esports, ningún evento deportivo, ninguna competencia puede compararse con él. Después de todo, no hay evento en el mundo donde todos sean competidores. Donde todo el mundo empieza en pie de igualdad. Donde todos tienen una oportunidad de alcanzar la gloria. Evo es el crisol donde se hacen los campeones, pero ir 0-2 no es una maldición. Simplemente significa que tienes a alguien a quien apoyar. Porque el domingo de campeonato, el tipo que derrotó al tipo que derrotó al tipo que te derrotó a ti está ahí arriba, luchando para ganarlo todo. La historia de Evo es la de uno de los competidores que aparecen cada verano para demostrar su valía. Es uno de una comunidad que lucha por su existencia. Luchando por el espíritu de una comunidad que todos aman. Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Escrito y narrado por: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen) Editado por: Daniel Cole (@RandomTens) Gráficos adicionales: Diego Bernal Gomez Cortesías: Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: http: // iOS: Síguenos en Twitter: Síguenos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. CyanBlue

    It all started with Fighting games and especially Street Fighter. What a legacy !
    They paved the way for other game genres of esports like strategy, fps, and sports games for big events.

  2. GJ

    Such commitment to something you love. These guys deserve all the success in the world. To the Evo founders and those gamers who kept on doing it year after year…now who dies the starcraft history?

  3. Ronald Legend

    I remember when evo was at cal poly university smelling like farts waiting forever because there was not enough arcade cabinets! It was way better back then! More real and will never be the same again! Soo mighty smoking like 10 bowls with me then smoking Justin Wong in the east coast vs west coast!

    Best Regards,


  4. TheOlivetreeKing

    how could they not even mention the Spanish guy from Cali wow wierd

  5. TheOlivetreeKing

    wtf EVO peeps? Where are u? I haven't played games like street fighter since the early 00's but SF6 Has me hyped…but..
    where is your support for a video like this.

    this is your story..should have couple milk views

  6. Myles Smith

    Bay area 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  7. Kingpen Games

    9:05 never seen this before 😳😳

    Got me pumped as a TO man 🤣

  8. Yon Slash

    2:42 That was some unique way to handle the arcade button and stick

  9. Baihaki Kuncara

    FGC is drama. Never knew that truck story till now. Truly is a drama.

  10. Captain Infinite

    Really nice job Covid, You just basically ruined one of the things I’ve been looking to go to for last year.

  11. Techies

    I was so triggered when I saw some people dislike the video..

  12. WarmUzi

    That g4 jwong clip unlocked a massive memory

  13. Eddy Valdez

    That truck story can be a game all by itself

  14. bahay bugahan

    For me EVO is better than DOTA2 T.I AND LOL TOURNAMENTS.

  15. Ayo


  16. Iamsomebody

    "No esports tournament, no sporting event, no competition can compare to it."

    Uhh yeah sure, it can't even generate 1/10th of LoL Worlds' prize pool and viewership…

  17. Red Rex

    This is way American players are scared of playing against Japanese players because they pull something that you thought was impossible.

  18. Jerson Caceres

    Until 2020 came along and Mr wizard got exposed

  19. Agingger Gown

    What a bummer that EVO 2020 got cancelled

  20. Daughter of The King

    I like how they say "Midwest" and it's Vegas…from a girl in WI

  21. Sole

    woooow first time hearing my country being in a tornament!

  22. Capsy Dash

    In the mid 90´s. how in the fuck did it start in the mid 90´s when street fighter 2 was released in the 91.

  23. GalaxyHap

    I never knew it was an over 20-year old tournament franchise until now.

  24. Reydriel

    1:35 WTF is going on in that map? South-East Asia and Australia are in the Indian Ocean now? XD

  25. NappyTippy

    Ah man! Daigo's Ken is unforgettable!!!


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