La historia de EVO: Parte 2

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No hay nada en el mundo como Evo. Ningún torneo de esports, ningún evento deportivo, ninguna competencia puede compararse con él. Después de todo, no hay evento en el mundo donde todos sean competidores. Donde todo el mundo empieza en pie de igualdad. Donde todos tienen una oportunidad de alcanzar la gloria. Evo es el crisol donde se hacen los campeones, pero ir 0-2 no es una maldición. Simplemente significa que tienes a alguien a quien apoyar. Porque el domingo de campeonato, el tipo que derrotó al tipo que derrotó al tipo que te derrotó a ti está ahí arriba, luchando para ganarlo todo. La historia de Evo es la de uno de los competidores que aparecen cada verano para demostrar su valía. Es uno de una comunidad que lucha por su existencia. Luchando por el espíritu de una comunidad que todos aman. Esta es la Parte 2 de la Historia de EVO. Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Escrito y narrado por: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen) Editado por: Daniel Cole (@RandomTens) Gráficos adicionales: Diego Bernal Gomez Cortesías: Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: http: // iOS: Síguenos en Twitter: Síguenos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. Unknown


  2. Unknown

    EVO is always going to be a legend in gaming history and awesome video man :]

  3. Brae TheNerd

    I'm trash as fuck at fighting games. But, even though I suck, i enjoy them. And ots great to see this game genre thrive like it has

  4. Sanryuji

    2022 smash is out of EVO

  5. CyanBlue

    Why you leave out Mortal Kombat on these two documentaries. Feel incomplete.

  6. LuckiiTucky

    Love coming back to this video to say that Skullgirls was a mainstage game finally and all Smash games were removed from Evo. Good riddance!

  7. Matthew Gilbert

    How do yall not mention Mortal Kombat at all.

  8. ArktikAlice Sukaretto

    Make more FGC content, because if the caliber is this good, we NEED more

  9. Isaac Mendez

    We’re gonna need a part 3 real soon!!!! Evo 2022!!!

  10. Hi I'm Aiden

    "There's no getting Smash out of EVO, and likely no getting EVO out of Smash."

  11. MadMaxim

    I feel like mid 2000s was a dark age all around for gaming I remember that's when I stopped playing video games basically I played a Lil bit of the wii had fun but didn't seriously tbh I never owned a Xbox console mainly due to my mom not really understanding game or more precisely paying for online access it's also why I never played wow outside of the free trail because she felt like it was a scam or always knew games as one time purchases so that's what they were(this was all before mostly subscriptions became like norm for so many things) and Playstation really stopped putting out quality stuff this was more mid to late (2005 to about 2010 or 11) it's not exact but it's when generatic dull colored shooter were pushed hard , games with yearly released with no deep changed each year (sports games where a big offender) and lots of online mutiplayer games made for for easy access and lacked creativity or any sort of risk taking in really was a cause of an industry destroying itself but thanks to indie games and things like crowd funding we were able to take the power out of company's hand and back to consumers and once companies noticed were forced to begin expanding and releasing more varied content or funding those devs that do. It's not perfect but I feel were in a good place as a community and more

  12. Kodub

    Love the list at the end. I've been to every single evo and there are so many memories.

  13. Keem Da Dream

    Evo would've been bigger in 2020 & 2021 by now if it wasn't for covid, It just ruined everything like can we go back to 2019😫

  14. Private Joker

    I played fighting games a lot from 2010 until SF4 died out in the arcades, I now play a lot of CSGO and some Mobas. comparing FGC to other communities, FGC is the least toxic for me, and that's the most amazing part of it

  15. JL

    What is the background music at 21:05

  16. Techies

    Who dislike this video??

  17. Jack Young, III

    “And no matter what happens, EVO gets better every year.”

    Well about that……………..

  18. welon17

    Ohhh… I want it back…

  19. DG

    smash sucks and so does its pubescent community

  20. aspong fef

    Dont know whats going to happen now after 2020

  21. R69NiX

    18:15 wow Japan Evo winners only get 600,00 Yen? That's only like $6,000. That's tiny compared to main Evo.

  22. R69NiX

    lol his stick breaking mid match in the final, that's crazy. What a TERRIBLE advert for Razer. Their stick broke and he had to use a Madcatz one 🤣 I bet Razer marketing guys winced at that and Madcatz guys just had a huge smug grin on their faces lol

  23. luanibaal

    no smash in evo 2020 🙁

  24. Alberto Junior

    ppl going mental over jigglypuff winning shit… lol

  25. DIce

    “No getting smash out of evo”
    Meanwhile in 2020:
    That’s a yikes from me bucko

  26. Randolph Moreno

    Awesome vid. Cool move on the ending showing all the past champions

  27. FluffyPotato

    Hands down the best documentary i've ever seen nice job

  28. KenLeeKk

    Im dissapointed this video got so less commentary about tekken.

  29. Traxillia

    The melee world and the ultimate /progressive smash player are still in war and it will be in the future perherps until Nintendo bring a new smash that will even more complex and techs than ultimate or ultimate got some patch that makes even more faster

  30. Darrihen

    Fighting game is the greatest genre ever! I rebember we held a small tournament (its a small city) only 8 of the best local Tekken Players faced for the first time, I remember we saying "its just for fun"… Man! I seen people get frustrated, others jumping and screaming victories, I get to the "grand final" against the local legend, my Kazumi agains his Alisa the it was 2-2, the last fight I choce my old main, Law! was 2-2 in rounds, so was the last round, I was losing, then I do a mistake and when I though I was dead, he drops the combo and I launch him, put him against the wall and finishing the fight… I cry, yep! No price money, no cameras no nothing! It was said it was for fun, but we know it wasn't, it was for the righ to say "I'm the best". I play other games, we already did other kind of tournaments but this small tekken 7 tournamen and a KoF 2002 made before that, was the only time the players take the competition seriously!

  31. welon17

    Until Marvel 2 comes back in EVO 2020…

  32. GalaxyHap

    Evo today still rises that it even had a 2019 tournament series.

  33. Douman Seiman

    oh and btw, even when loosing at pools and spending the week end watching pro's and playing casuals theres a great feeling of you having played a part in the tournament. Its very special

  34. Douman Seiman

    This is the best thing about fighting games tournaments : everyone can participate, and you can end up in the same pool as daigo, tokido, jwong…anyone !
    So what if you loose? just go play casuals afterwards. Most tournaments are 24h open venue, so its an incredible place to play all the fighting games during a crazy weekend.

  35. Erc333

    Is there going to be a Part 3?

  36. RasenRendan

    16:18 And now you can add the new 2020 Guilty Gear to that list!!!!

  37. DanHK-NE

    That last part with rolling champions over the years was epic!

  38. bomber jox

    Mvc3 for me was the best moments in evo ever, I wish that capcom fix mvci and put it on top again


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