La historia de Imaqtpie

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Michael Santana transmite League of Legends a casi 20,000 espectadores todos los días. Está en una búsqueda automotivada para convertirse en el mejor AD Carry en América del Norte. Gana más de $ 1.5 millones cada año desde la comodidad de su propia sala de estar. Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Echa un vistazo a theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síguenos en Twitter: http:/ / Síganos en Facebook: Síganos en Instagram: Síganos en Snapchat: theScoreesports Cortesía: Imaqtpie ME ENCANTA LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Imaqtpie – DELTA FOX SCRIMS #1 (NOSOTROS GUCCI) Imaqtpie – CURING DOTOT ft.IWDominate Imaqtpie – ¿DE VUELTA EN LA LCS…? Imaqtpie – CON TRAJE Y BOTAS Cortesía: G|League ‘Reflections’ con Imaqtpie https:/ / Dignitas Botlane: Imaqtpie y Kiwikid discuten la sinergia de botlane y una relación inusual SCARRA: DELTA FOX (MEME STREAM DREAM TEAM) VS TEMPO STORM NACS DESTACADOS DE LA SEMANA 2 Cortesía: Scarra Cortesía: Riot Games W1D1 https:// W2D2 W4D1 55 DIG vs CRS – LCS 2013 NA Primavera W4D1 LCS 2013 NA Primavera W6D1 CRS vs DIG – LCS 2013 NA Primavera W7D1 https:// W9D2 CLG vs DIG – LCS 2013 NA Primavera W10D1 Z_Sv2fIcH2Q&t=3034s DIG vs GGU (3/3) – LCS 2013 NA Spring Playoffs D1 DIG vs CLG – 2014 NA LCS W2D2 /watch?v=hzU8rZ1_HGk NA CS Primavera 2017 – Semana 2: BIG vs. DFX | GCU contra EUN | TG contra TS DFX contra TS – Semana 5 Juego 1 | División de verano de CS NA | Delta Fox vs Tempo Storm (2017) NA CS Primavera 2017 – Semana 2: BIG vs DFX | GCU contra EUN | TG contra TS Firma – LCS 2013 NA Verano W9D1 Momentos y recuerdos: NA LCS Summer Split 2015 Jugador destacado: PowerOfEvil DÚOS: Aphromoo y Stixxay https://www. Jugador destacado: Apollo Price Imagen dibujada de Delta Fox Cortesía: /status/872278214588088320 Cortesía: Team Dignitas ¿Cómo estuvo su Team Dignitas 2012? Entrevista con DIG Shiphtur: «Esta es probablemente la lista de LoL más inteligente que dignitas haya tenido». Equipo Dignitas @ MLG Anaheim 2012 Película Finales S2 – IWillDominate – Dignitas Cortesía: SK Gaming https:/ / Cortesía: ESL fnatic vs SK Telecom T1 Juego 3 – IEM FINALS Cologne… Por qué Reproducir: tráiler de IEM Katowice 2017 (oficial) Cortesía: HyperX TSM LoL: recorrido por HyperX Gaming House Dignitas Imaqtpie | 20 preguntas Team Liquid LoL | Nuestro cuerpo técnico Cortesía: Team Liquid Cortesía: Intel Extreme Masters IEM Kiev – dignitas`Scarra conoce a Carmac, no al famoso Uszat ?v=TNPJ3r0ghfI Entrevista IEM Hanover – Dignitas.Voyboy: «Si no juego…» Construcción del escenario de las eliminatorias mundiales con Doublelift Cortesía: Travis Gafford https: // 100 Thieves – Rocket Mortgage Team House Tour Cortesía: 100 Thieves Imaqtpie stream stats: https: // Posiciones en torneos:

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  1. theScore esports

    In The Story of QTPie we say that QTPie had the second highest KDA behind Sneaky in the 2013 Spring Split, when in fact he was second behind Sneaky in the 2013 Summer Split. In the 2013 Spring Split, he was third behind Cop and WildTurtle. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for watching!

  2. yeungscs

    according to scarra qtpie invested in Tesla when it was $50

  3. YoooooTa

    This was 3yrs ago how about now?

  4. M V

    1.5million dollars and can’t get a haircut

  5. V PeRK V

    Shit, i would too, if i get paid 1.5 million a yr.
    Ill suck league of legends ding dong for tht much

  6. Paolo Pablo

    I miss qt :(, hes no longer streaming a lot like the past years. now im stuck watching moe and trick

  7. randy sotto

    Wow i love qtpie he is so legendary player in lol history he is my first fan i hope i could create a animation of lol but im still apprentice animator when i grow up i can be a animator qtpie special baby boom thats his line so cool😍😋🤗🙂😘🤑🤡🤠😱🙄😷❤️👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Jamie C

    Reminds me of Season 2 / early league where it was actual such a fun game. Not the garbage it ahs turned into now where it's hard to force yourself to actually play a game

  9. Nico Frid

    Qtie just don't care about anything.

  10. R H

    Jesus christ that dude could chew a tree in half faster than a beaver

  11. Arahan

    Gotta love this guy! he protected kiwi to the end! he just wanted to have fun with his friends! not kicking them from the team just for money

  12. Tu Chenz

    Did you know that Dignitas is a Swiss non-profit that provides assisted/accompanied suicide. No wonder my dude qt left

  13. Dom MCMX

    Doesnt this guy get like 3k viewers now?

  14. V I

    I love Qtie. Also I'm the 778 post. The destroyer of peace, the apple in the garden.
    Remember the name, I will sow the land with the plague you cherish and the antidote you are afraid of we will all leave behind.
    There is no turning back. Come.

    ZaBici 2019

  15. BliZzA

    2013 season C9 was on there crap lol

  16. GnarGada

    Now flash forward to mid 2019 and he struggles to make 2000 viewers OMEGALUL

  17. Natedogatl

    can we get one for my boy moe/ yassou pls

  18. Vor Tex

    He should fix his ugly ass teeth

  19. Toenvu

    They may have lost but they will never lose their friendship?


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