La historia de Impact: Top Die

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Jung «Impact» Eon-yeong es uno de los top laners más exitosos de League of Legends. Jugó con una de las franquicias más famosas de Corea, se mudó por todo el mundo, aprendió a convertirse en un líder de equipo e hizo que muchos de los mejores jugadores murieran en el proceso. Esta es su historia. Lista de cortesías Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Escrito por: Sean Wetselaar Editado por: Matt Massey Expresado por: Josh Bury Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter : Síganos en Facebook: Síganos en Instagram: Síganos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. TheOnlyNinja

    My favorite part was when doublelift missed the caitlyn net over baron wall. Makes me think there’s hope for me yet

  2. Arvin Dale

    Just here to see impact win at worlds again 🔥

  3. Ice Dragon

    You could say he had a huge impact on his team

  4. ok

    Now he is gonna leave T-T. Top die forever

  5. Julian S

    Who's here following his release from Team Liquid? sadge…

  6. Jericko Doggo

    Impact is one of the best. Simple. The man was a legendary samurai in his past life. Of the other two world championship winners from SKT on a team currently in North America… Still, they could not perform anything close to a world champion ship performance in their own team. Yet, Impact has moved from the world championship winning team to a north American team.
    He has been loyal to Team Liquid, performing better than a lot of top laners in NA. He has helped carry Team Liquid to many victories. Including being the #1 North American seed for worlds 2020.
    Even in previous years, as he carried TL to the worlds stage. He only stepped up his game once there – outperforming the best top laners the world has seen. Names like TheShy, taking games off of the best regions in the world the LPL and the LCK – his former region.
    This guy is a living legend.

  7. DonutHolesAreFire

    not even impact can have his own story without Ryu ruining it.

  8. None

    can u shout me out thx

  9. GFG

    wrong Impact…
    all hail SC2 Impact

  10. R H

    Lmao @12:50 he's a power top

    I bet all the bottoms love him… Just look at the next cut scene where the guys saying how impressive he is.

  11. Mah Elbad

    i think after wall whats happened Ryu deserves a story video.

  12. Kevin Huynh

    Bruh I just realised that Impacts coach now is Cain, so Impact used to compete against his coach back at SKT

  13. iknow dewei

    I only knew him because pinkward outplayed him so hard

  14. Oli

    5:57 wtf piglet's keyboard, an old windows xp one xD

  15. orange

    and even the best players in NA are Koreans

  16. orange

    this just showed that impact only got carried by SKT

  17. Flash On F

    It was clear something has to change

  18. _ Fayris

    20:15 3017 CHampionships YUS Timetraveling is a Thing!

  19. arj.

    19:03 Krepo looking at Kobe like that roommate you know be stealing yo shit as soon as you leave the house

  20. KAI

    I like how people in 2019 TL says he’s the problem why the team can’t compete with IG, G2, and top Korean teams when in international games he does the best and is most influential during the regular season by soaking a lot of pressure smdh

  21. Max

    Story of UMA JAN

  22. Andres Giraldo

    Holy shit I’m about to cry after that goosebumps walk away end line


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