La historia de SK Telecom vs. KT Rolster: The Telecom Wars

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La rivalidad entre KT y SKT, dos de las empresas de telecomunicaciones más grandes de Corea del Sur, es una de las más antiguas en los deportes electrónicos. Apodado «La guerra de las telecomunicaciones», ha definido a generaciones de jugadores y ha dado forma a la historia de juegos completos. En Corea, el crisol del que surgieron los deportes electrónicos, ningún equipo ha luchado durante más tiempo que SK Telecom T1 y KT Rolster. Escrito por: Sean Wetselaar Editado por: Sean Tepper Narrado por: Josh Bury Video editado por: Colten Gowan Fuentes: Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. Brae TheNerd

    What do u mean, SKT was the team to beat? It still is

  2. kevin valenzuela

    Bro muchas gracias por este video me encanto y era justo lo que estaba buscando para entender todo esto de la Telecom wars

  3. hahi098

    And after 2018, KT just lose all the way to SKT. KT just keep on going downhill and telecom war is totally over.

  4. K. Bognoy

    Could do a dark side documentary on the starcraft 1/2 match fixing scandals with Savi0r(SKT, Brood War) and Life(Kt Rolster, SC2) as figureheads as well. Both were candidates for a legacy aching to what FlaSh and Faker have been renowned for. The fallen ones so to speak.

  5. Interrupting Cow2

    Telecom wars doesn't exist anymore. KT is trash nowadays.

  6. Marek Siciński

    6:21 or the military in general. the air force was where a lot of former pro players were

  7. Aligator nomnom

    Why couldn’t you guys just use a regular picture of deft… didn’t have to do my guy like that

  8. Roy Fablooo

    SKT 1 Vs KT Rolsters is the Los Angeles Lakers Vs Boston Celtics of EsPorts

  9. NJB3ast

    Other teams can't compare to this rivalry this will always be the most iconic esports rivalry ever

  10. Burg

    Maaaaan, not even a single mention of an sc2 game between the 2 teams. Some great games and rivalries birthed from there as well in both single tournaments and proleague.


    EVERYTTHING change where the fire nation attacks …… those words should not be put together 6:30

  12. Aserve Yout

    Beating skt and werent able to win worlds is like getting tons of kills, and ended up losing the game

  13. 최도국

    kt가 skt에 항상 도전하지만 skt를 무너뜨리는 건 삼성.. 재밌는 구도임 ㅋㅋ

  14. joshua francisco

    And still,skt dominated till this day. Punching their ticket to worlds 2019 ✌🏼👌🏽

  15. karma

    it's like a Goku and Vegeta rivalry

  16. ikmal daniel

    12:55 …. I want to see they sad face after they hope team being crush🤣🤣… How dare they throw and torn SKT logo and even if you don't like it, you can give it back LOL

  17. Aaron B.

    This video needed twice as much Brood War. Also, Blizzard being assholes

  18. bartek bialkowski

    24:25 can somone tell what keyboard mata is using right there?
    wpuld rly aprecciate the A

  19. Alma S

    I always feel bad for Hong Jin-ho… He's the forever bridesmaid because of Boxer.

    Crazy to think that I've been watching the Telecom Wars for most of my life.
    Let's go SKT

  20. Jaime Ruiz

    Faker has been apart of SKT T1 from the start:) feels good

  21. Skratta Oppar

    Here before SKT changed to T1 Entertainment

  22. Armani Nguon

    Bengi, Is awesome. Dam, I want to see a perfect team match. I love deft gameplay and smeb

  23. Oli

    WAITT : At 14:11, they are not even playing full screen ?

  24. Aspaerix

    25:17 that focus on Untara and Blank lmao 😂

  25. meh

    Not to mention both organizations belong to two South Korea biggest telecommunications company lul

  26. Sentry Ward

    KT also have Flash while SKT have Bisu
    2 of the great 4 TaekBangLeeSsang

  27. CloudTV

    Imagine the newer generation watching SKT win 3 league worlds same way as we are watching this now ;O

  28. AzyneD

    tbh in league of legends KT can't even be in the same breath as SKT. SKT 3 world championships while KT can't even make it out of the quarterfinals yet being swept lol.

  29. JerryTheCarry

    Boxer and Yellow. Those were good times.

  30. Free4554

    Lol kt made it to worlds

  31. Jeff

    Sad to say now though….

  32. Knox Crichton

    This was so good but we need an update now that KT wan the LCK and made it worlds summer 2018!

  33. Alex Marco

    so faker make debut at lol what date ?

  34. Yahomboi

    Who else is here watching worlds and realizing faker and skt arent in it


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