La historia de Sneaky: The Franchise Player

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En los primeros años de la Serie de Campeonato de la Liga Norteamericana, los jugadores y las organizaciones se unieron para legitimar los juegos competitivos como un espectáculo principal. Ahora, NA LCS es un gran negocio. Cuesta millones presentar un equipo en ese escenario, y más que nunca la presión está sobre los jugadores para que rindan. Las alineaciones cambian constantemente a medida que los equipos importan talento internacional en la búsqueda de ganar un Campeonato de la LCS de NA. Las organizaciones necesitan jugadores de franquicia en torno a los cuales puedan construir una identidad y una cultura. Un jugador para liderar a su equipo en los años venideros. Un jugador que no flaqueará cuando caiga un nuevo parche o se inserten nuevos jugadores en la alineación inicial. Un jugador con el que pueden contar para mantener unido a un equipo. Un jugador como Sneaky. Esta es su historia. Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síganos en Instagram: Síganos en Snapchat: theScoreesports Fuentes: Escrito por: Keith Capstick Expresado por: Josh Bury Editado por: Colten Gowan

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  1. Saint Sataniko

    SNEAKY is the best NA League of Legends player ever…not Doublelift and certainly not Bjergsen. They never went to 7 straight Worlds nor got anywhere close to winning it all. And unlike both of them, Sneaky couldn't even fathom going 0-6 at Worlds and only ever getting out of Groups once! That first 2013 split was heartbreaking because C9 got a first round bye and then got to play a total of only 3 games, losing 1-2 to a much more experienced Fnatic team. What a horrible format to have a team go 25-3 and go undefeated in playoffs only to be allowed a single Best of 3 at Worlds. Regardless, Sneaky proved year after year how great he was, beating some of the best Korean, Chinese and EU ADC's in the world, and even now he is the purest gamer imaginable. He never stops playing…or streaming.

  2. Leech

    Just when you thought C9 had very high hopes and great results so far with LS, like usual C9 gets yeeted

  3. João Brito

    sneaky is mad underrated. he holds the record for highest dpm at worlds, over guys like uzi, ruler, faker, rookie, theshy, caps and so many others. he has the most total worlds appearances and the most consecutive worlds appearances, while also being a super consistent performer and a guy who wouldnt mind taking shit matchups in bot to give his teammates better picks in draft

  4. AerinnMay

    this vid jinxed it. still no teams.

  5. Cutebunch123

    He looks like a shut-in Ed Sheeran

  6. Lyria

    This didn’t age well … lol

  7. Andrew

    Zven is a categorical choker and idk why they replaced sneaky with him

  8. No Thank You

    Sneaky is basically Rekkless of NA or vice versa

  9. Eril Banez

    No Sneaky, no Worlds for C9.

  10. Gamerlordpro

    Did he ever had a haircut? I mean it looks the same since like 2010 lol

  11. Brandon Collins

    lol sneaky was the problem, Zven brought them to 17-1 and won the title

  12. BooneyianLogic

    now this video feels incomplete. what about his world's performances in 2017 and 2018

  13. Andy Tu

    This did NOT age well FeelsBadMan

  14. Lily

    As a bisexual he fine

  15. rachit

    Then C9 drops him and wins BIG. Sadness strikes my heart. Bring sneaky back.

  16. Amano Kizan

    Now I'm seeing this, LCS Spring 2020 without Sneaky seems like a final legend is stepping down from the story, but with a new light for C9 roster being dominant. So how will this going on for LCS at Worlds 2020 is still a big question to us, is this the roster change that can bring NA back to the dominance at Worlds?

  17. Dovino League

    sneaky gets removed from c9 in 2 years

  18. Alex Brewer

    Then he gets benched for Zven.

  19. Andrew Kandasamy

    "I'm not gonna stop at 5 years from now." It's been 2 years RIP.

  20. M1ek



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