La historia de Summit1G

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Summit1G no es el héroe ni el villano del mundo del streaming. Simplemente se está adaptando como siempre lo ha hecho. A medida que vemos crecer este mundo, hay más presión sobre personas como Summit que sobre cualquier otra persona para jugar juegos populares como Fortnite o PUBG. Summit estuvo allí cuando todo comenzó en Twitch. Y es mejor que creas que va a pelear y arañar para quedarse ahora que todos los ojos están puestos en ese ícono púrpura. Esta es la historia de Summit1G. Escrito por: Keith Capstick (@KeithCapstick) Editado por: Matt Massey Narrado por: Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin) Cortesías: Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. Junglebeast

    I was there in 2013 and the WarZ run. It was awesome..

  2. Ravenna

    We need an update for our boy Jaryd like you did for Mike.

  3. Brian Waterman

    Summit will always be a successful streamer no matter what he does. Ill always be a sub in his channel until the day it shuts down.

  4. iamshivayep

    The most use word by summit -po***n

  5. yackfou2412

    Don't like him.

    CDN is the goat

  6. Charlie

    Summit been popping off in GTA peaking at 104k viewers

  7. 805Franco

    I used to not like Summit, the way he talked and what he would say would rub me the wrong way. But lately, I’ve been doing research about him and now I’ve grown to like and respect him.

  8. 14KK

    he is a legend a true legend nothing more to say he is the biggest streamer !!! 1g

  9. Dai1lest

    its been nearly 6 years I been watching summit and til this day dude always provides so much entertainment and keeps everything straight forward and he is real AF this is why i keep watching him

  10. Fatal Inc. Gaming

    I searched for this after watching the past years content, been crushing it forever I see!

  11. megapoo

    "He Was Popular Before There Was Shroud"

  12. SouthVII

    Noun. jocker (plural jockers) (slang) A man who perceives himself as straight and is the aggressive top in a relationship between two men, especially in prison. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  13. Jahred L. Vedana

    when summit will have a son he will name it Everest2G

  14. slipperys0ap

    summit is that one guy who's good at all video games but isn't a dick about it

  15. Astora

    Seeing him without his hat seems like an invasion of privacy

  16. Jonathan Soko

    i discovered summit when he was playing mmos like guild wars. I dont care for competitive shooters, his funnest streams are non competitive imo

  17. Matei Grecu

    his face at 4:20 is perfect timing with ……. the time

  18. EKS EKS

    summ1t and coldzera are twins

  19. TheZytec

    My favorite part was you not putting any of the music used for this video, does anyone know any of the songs used?

  20. CheesyK1w1

    @leaderofthebois:juice wrld All girls are the same 💔
    0:53 ━❍──────── –2:57
    ↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺
    VOLUME: ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇ 100%.

  21. Thirsty

    It's hard to believe summit was a professional when he plays with shroud. Then you realize shroud didn't win in professional gaming.
    How many lvls are on this ladder..
    We all wanted to be the very best but honestly, being the very best is the hardest job in the world and it takes a pretty hateful mind and ugly face to get it.
    So who really wants that…
    TL:DR We enjoy ourselves too much to be the best.

  22. Spaghett0id

    its hurts me to watch him walk into the fire

  23. Kilju

    I dont get why gets so many views

  24. RD_smokes

    ninja cant say shit he played with drake which i mean i love drake and hate jake paul but it was definitely a good marketing choice for both of them in terms of virwership, i love summit so he can play with whoever he wants

  25. DragonNF

    Na too many immature little kids played fortnite. That’s why people gave him so much shit for playing with a YouTuber.

  26. Cheese

    " Tops out at 28k"
    2 years later

    "ez 300k viewers rofl"

  27. magical

    copy slush

  28. Luis _____

    87 k subs now do a follow up brother 🦾

  29. Luis _____

    Do a follow up now that valorant is out

  30. Carson M

    Valorant just dropped in 2020. Summit averaged like fucking 200k+++ on twitch during its first few days. Glad to see more summit success

  31. plainbagel

    Lol xQc warning “when your chat becomes garbage”

  32. bubbleman91

    Didn't expect Summit1G to be younger than Ninja :O

  33. lookbackatit

    I dont get how thia guy is so popular. Not at all exciting or interesting to watch. Oh well

  34. ffsnek

    220k avg viewers ever since valorant came out face of twitch

  35. Matty Axe

    Lmfao kid has no friends irl, ducking spoiled little brat


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