Las 10 grandes finales de CS:GO más memorables

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Desde el verano de 2012, hemos disfrutado de casi seis años de la increíble competencia Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Pero si no ha estado viendo CS: GO durante todo ese tiempo, lo tenemos cubierto. Desde las controvertidas finales de DreamHack Montreal de 2017 hasta las heroicas idas y venidas de NaVi vs. Fnatic en ESL One Cologne, estas son nuestras 10 grandes finales más memorables en la historia competitiva de CS:GO. Lista de cortesía: Cortesía: ESL Cortesía: PGL Cortesía: DreamHack Cortesía: ESL Cortesía: MLG =17815 Cortesía: ELEAGUE Cortesía: ESL Cortesía: DreamHack Cortesía: ESL Cortesía: ELEAGUE Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. KiBeats

    I think an Update on this Video would be great

  2. Fanatik

    U have to add Faze vs Nazi ESL Cologne 2022 now

  3. Hopr Ee

    I still remember it was around the time where that c9 final took place that I bought csgo lmao

    And I kinda addicted to shroud and stewie videos at the time and watch them every single day when I'm still in highschool… Can't believe that was already 4 years ago.

  4. Koalla

    C9 vs Faze is just memorable to americans LUL

  5. Tanmay Deshpande

    Just stop putting faze vs cloud9 on #1 every time for the love of god. If you fanboy over and over, you just become predictable and boring.

  6. Mitr0boY

    Niko is unlucky he cant win every finals.

  7. ty

    Virtus pro vs Astralis 😭😭😭

  8. Ekales

    Why is Faze clan always losing? They can't handle pressure or what.

  9. Hero Ziolkowski Mendoza

    10. Fnatic's return to glory
    9. Zeus's Gambit
    8. The Immortal Collapse
    7. Legendary NIP
    6. Luminous Brazilians
    5. The Rise of Astralis
    4. Swedish Juggernauts – FNATICvNIP
    3. Fnatic's Era
    2. Fnatic's Golden Age
    1. The Greatest Major of All-Time

  10. Ishan Dhakal

    wow faze really got shit on by everyone

  11. tedsh0t

    Ofc the American eSport channel put C9 2018 om 1st 😂

  12. newbzera

    Ou você prova ou eu mato você!!!
    Kng god haushaushaus

  13. Heildir

    You are my favorite host

  14. Ahsan

    Haha already knew no.1!

  15. cezary k

    I think that losing 16-14 is one od the worst things in competitive cs

  16. Static_Monarch

    For anyone that says that the C9 victory shouldn’t have been #1 doesn’t know cs. That was. NA’s first ever major tittle, one of the few tittle period. The fact that the beat prime FaZe clan makes it an even better win

  17. Sumit Das

    C9 vs Faze; regional bias being played haha

  18. Mercury

    faze always loses in every grand final in this video

  19. Nico 97

    Faze clan es Cruz azul jaja

  20. Ratchet

    Where's Fers cry? Man, that is so emotive

  21. Lucas Gabriel

    Sk and VP, all 5 maps was the greatest!!!

  22. D ruzzi

    The W in faze clan stands for winners

  23. Szariq

    Why first ever recorded grand final isn't mentioned?

  24. F r e s h

    Sk vs Vp at Epicenter 2017??????

  25. rxmbo

    I think flusha is my least favourite player ever

  26. Junbo Max

    poor Guardian😭😭

  27. Ok

    What happened?

    Team: I beat FaZe Clan

    Welcome to the list

  28. Ermali

    They are not real Na'Vi the cs 1.6 is the real navi

  29. ChunkyCloud

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  30. Jay Endrew Quimpan

    You guys BETTER, and i mean BETTER, make another one of this video with astralis on no. 1

  31. Josh

    TSM vs EnVyUs DH London 2015?

  32. Faisal Khandaqji

    and this video shows us why we lost faith in FaZe

  33. Reza Nugraha

    Where is SK vs VP at EPICENTER? The final map alone Cobblestone was so god damn epic match

  34. Nathan Beniga

    Most of this Are Faze Getting Choked

  35. ONG, Luke Daniel

    s1mple just curse the whole faze when guardian leaves


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