Las 10 grandes finales de Dota 2 más memorables

by | 20 de Jul | General, Youtube | 31 comments

No hay nada como una gran gran final. La multitud está alborotada, todo está en juego y la victoria final está tan cerca que puedes saborearla. Ya sea que se trate del partido final en una carrera increíble en el segmento inferior o la oportunidad de intentar otra vez en el Aegis, las grandes finales nos han brindado algunos de los momentos más impactantes en la historia de Dota 2. Hagamos una cuenta regresiva de las 10 grandes finales de Dota 2 más memorables. Lista de cortesía: Música usada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síganos en Instagram: Síganos en Snapchat: theScoreesports Visite nuestro sitio web:

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  1. NMA_YT

    I was surprised ti8 was not here and saw that it was uploaded before ti8.

    It should be 1 or 2

  2. IOuOne

    i think they need to update this

  3. onionbutts

    my number 1 is Ad Finem's ninja 👏

  4. Seph Studio

    All navi TI grandfinal ti1 to ti3.

  5. Gapyow

    If this one was published before TI8, I would understand the list.

  6. Nicholas Ruena

    Can i have 1 laptop.. at the back please..

  7. Joseph

    This needs to be updated now. TI9 should probably be around top 8-10. TI8 should be top 2. This coming from a nigma fan lol

  8. Russel Agcol

    TI8 Grand Final for me is the best series I've ever witnessed OG and LGD. Just memorable

  9. Phantonn

    This video exists
    OG: Its free real estate

  10. Gagan kv

    Only here for the TI3

  11. Laserdemon Frostmage

    This video: exists

    Ti8 grand finals: I’ve just ended this video’s career.

  12. sora roxas

    S4 is literally in most of these. What a legend

  13. jeffrey manibog

    Remake this now with OG’s Ti8 revenge story and Ti9 back to back Ti champions

  14. No Name

    That caster call on the 6 million dollar echo slam was just perfect.

  15. Daffa Arsyad

    TI 3 but no one talks about bulldog PepeHands

  16. AxP

    18:35 My donger, I can't control it !!

  17. Jad Papa

    I'd say TI9 should be on there somewhere. It may have no been iconic but the way OG composed and enjoyed themselves during the entire run was scary and awesome.

  18. Jeremy Gonzal

    please update to include TI8. no contest top 1

  19. Hiskia Frans

    For the swedish, the reason EE-sama kicked and become crazy.

  20. Octavianus Saro Gulo

    sir, iam sorry.. but
    where is laaa..
    lakaaaad maataatagg! 🙂

  21. Bien Asa

    TNC vs OG at the Manila Major?? No………..Ok

    As long as Navi vs Alliance is #1 I'm good. 😎👏

  22. Jack A

    Not a joke, but all 5 games from TI 8 belong in TOP 5 with every single games they play. The hype was real and drama was on point.

  23. Bryan Raciles

    The best about Ad Finem is that the players are around 3k mmr


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