Las 10 mejores desactivaciones ninja en CS:GO

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En CSGO, no importa lo lejos que estés, no importa lo desesperada que parezca una ronda, nada aleja más a tus oponentes de la faz de la tierra que una buena desactivación ninja. Ya sea escabullirse detrás de las líneas enemigas en busca de un ninja de último segundo o una desesperada desactivación de humo Hail Mary, hay mucho para elegir. Entonces, sin más preámbulos, aquí están los 10 mejores desactivadores ninja en CS: GO. Escrito y editado por: Brian Van Huynh (@beevanhuynh) Presentado y expresado por: Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin) Lista de cortesía: Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports Visita nuestro sitio web:

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  1. CoupeAudi1990

    4:40 thank god that caster is long gone, can't listen to him at all 😀

  2. Frank Cheng

    anyone know the song at 1:56 ? it sounds super familiar to me, yet I just can't remember it.

  3. Anders Schou

    What about Xyp's clutch versus North for the win? Or the S1mple defuse vs. complexity on inferno? Those would at least be honorable mentions

  4. KnifeNinja

    CSGO player: wow ninja defuse!
    COD player: where?

  5. Arihant Pateria

    JW vs Nip and Xyp9x nuke defuse (clutch minister have a new servant) are my favourite ninjadefuses

  6. L V

    is it just me or 2:50 reminds me exactly of Spawn's original Ninja defuse?

  7. john dwyne magabo

    why some of them just not guarding the freaking bomb ?

  8. lexmaun

    5:30 worst caster ever! That woman doesn't even know what's happening.

  9. MertEkinci

    Where is the XANTARES Jinja

  10. Phewnuts

    7yo me after putting mentos inside the coca cola bottle:

  11. Igyzone

    FaZe clan must be really embarassed if they lost to multiple ninja defuses.

  12. JB on that A to the P

    When I hear ninja why do I think of the bluehaird guy and sorry if this spreads to you now lmao

  13. Haunter YT

    Xyp9x and olofmeister defuse???????

  14. shubham parab

    i think happy deserves no 1 spot

  15. Mirko Danzè

    Nice plays but 1v4 no One on site it Is really weird

  16. GBHD

    I don't care man, Nexus' was number 1.

  17. John Dripper

    This is why I buy Molotov 😉

  18. a Wes

    What am I watching.

  19. Polvshki

    everyone gangsta till u hear "the bomb has been defused"

  20. hjolf

    bine boss romania

  21. Oliver Helbo

    Should have waited to November cuz xyp9x made a 1v5 clutch on the last millisecond and won the game!

  22. Caio Carrer

    5:58 after loosing 14 mates
    poor dude, he had just lost 14 friends and still had to play the game??

  23. soju69jinro

    i think the csgo coach spectator glitch started here as well. Snax just running into the site with a knife? He had to have special information.

  24. Lope deCrypto

    That stupid music destroyed a video that could’ve been great and turned it into absolute unwatchable trash.

  25. ugsl

    8:02 first time seeing a pro using the base knife

  26. Tiuhtimymman

    I don't get why the entire team just leaves the bomb site. Why can't they stay and guard the bomb until it is too late to defuse? Can someone explain?

  27. Nytera

    romanu nostru jaxi 🙂

  28. Resonance

    Waiting for the next ninja defuse video to include s1mple's insane game sense at blast premier global final 2020 against complexity

  29. Lauris

    SIcks plays, but basically oponents make a mistake….

  30. local potato :)

    What about the one on overpass
    ????? It literally has a graffiti made for it!!!!


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