Las 10 mejores jugadas de invitación de mitad de temporada de todos los tiempos

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El Mid-Season Invitational es una de las dos únicas oportunidades que los fanáticos de League of Legends tienen cada año para ver a los mejores equipos del mundo enfrentarse cara a cara, de una región a otra. Desde asesinatos locos en solitario hasta juegos de regreso imposibles, MSI es el regalo que ha seguido dando a lo largo de los años. Con el MSI 2018 ya en marcha, pensamos que sería el momento perfecto para traerte las 10 mejores jugadas del Mid-Season-Invitational. Escrito y editado por: Brian Van Huynh (@beevanhuynh) Presentado y expresado por: Colin McNeil (@McneilColin) Lista de cortesía: Música usada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síganos en Instagram: Síganos en Snapchat: theScoreesports Visite nuestro sitio web:

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  1. Alma S

    I always feel like Wolf was an under the radar player because of SKT's sheer talent.
    He was like Bengi but if Bengi was Faker's right-hand man, Wolf was Bang's right-hand man.
    Quietly and consistently supporting the team and doing whatever is needed for the team to win.

  2. Vayne Smite

    Wolf: It is a bit disappointing but if the fans recognize my play i am thankful

    Wolf's zyra play

    Commentator: keeps saying faker

  3. pan chen

    faker is the victim lol

  4. ugh Gowon’s scalp and crunchy voice

    2:46 Huni absolutely destroys Faker? Lmao it was just his ult and the nearby turret who did the job? Please change the title to “Anyone who killed Faker in a game” lmao because your “Plays” are such an embarrassment it’s probably made by bronze idiotic fanboys

  5. jayjay symbianize

    TSM just defeated the best team in the world making them the best team

  6. Skule

    No Xiaohu leblanc solo kill on Faker?

  7. Stolen Kiss

    Imagine making money off running a company that clips other peoples content

  8. mihai000000

    clg best play at msi lol. Is this an NA list ?

  9. Paul

    Seriously 3 out of top 5 NA teams? Rigged.

  10. Torch _

    Kobe-"I NEVER DOUBTED THEM"… Seems familiar LULW

  11. Kando Karma



  12. wusber

    Looking back at this, I love how the 'best play in MSI history' involves literal hard inting (especially Lucian). That victory was indeed truly magical.

  13. Twisted Fate

    не вижу фейкера, список отстой)

  14. TheRogueVocaloid

    pretty much all of MSI this year could make this list. it's been a wild ride and i can't wait to see what y'all will have to say on it once we've got a winner.

  15. Drsaske

    "huni was a rookie at that time" excuse me ? He had finished 2nd in LCK AND worlds in 2017, how can that be a rookie ?!

    And that stixxay play shouldnt be in any top play…all he did was rightclick….

  16. Leo Choi

    This is dumb almost all the plays we're killing faker

  17. bowen wei

    where is edg koro1outplay skt wolf and Marin in the msi2015 final??

  18. Max Cormier

    kobe losing his shit on clg's win LOL

  19. P4n0rama

    DoA and MonteChristo were the best casting duo in this game ever! Only Deman and Joe Miller come close

  20. Justina

    I almost cant stand how slow this guy talks.

  21. Pat Agustin

    that part of Wolf that gave me chills

  22. Mr. Owl

    Please rename the video to "Times Faker died at MSI"
    Like damn

  23. 口口

    So 90% of those highlights are killing faker or skt member???

  24. Tú Phạm

    Levi quadra kill with kha zix?

  25. void

    so its whoever shits on skt

  26. GOGOgomes

    to be fair Faker Trolled his ass of int he play against huni, whats the deal with him killing Faker, when it's just Fakers fault

  27. Jay R.

    I know It's not an in-game play exactly, but EDG's game5 draft vs SKT in the 2015(?) Finals was the best MSI moment of all time. Baiting the LeBlanc in the draft, countering with Morgana, and running Eve jungle into Nunu. Just brilliant, beautiful, the best outdraft of all time.


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