Las 10 mejores jugadas de Roshan (Dota 2)

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Hola chicos, como algunos de ustedes notaron, dejamos el Echo Slam de 6 millones de dólares fuera de esta lista de los 10 principales, lo cual fue un error de nuestra parte, sucede de vez en cuando;). Hemos actualizado el video para incluirlo. Gracias por sus comentarios y, como siempre, ¡gracias por mirar! Un juego de Dota 2 puede girar en torno al juego de Roshan, y a menudo lo hace. Por lo tanto, no sorprende que algunas de las jugadas más memorables de Dota se hayan realizado en el pozo de Rosh y sus alrededores. Desde robos hasta negaciones, cebos y emboscadas, estas son las 10 mejores jugadas de Roshan. Lista de cortesía: The Kiev Major 2017 – EG vs SG Cortesía: Valve Dreamhack Winter 2012 – NTH vs. EG Cortesía: Dreamhack v=MAWK5kNDDlM&t=10s G-1 Champions League Final – DK vs. The Alliance Cortesía: G1 Champions League Boston Major 2017 – OG vs. Ad Finem Cortesía: Valve The Summit 4 China – LGD vs. CDEC.Y Cortesía: Beyond The Summit Dream League Temporada 8 – EG vs. Complexity Cortesía: Dream League SL I-League Starseries Temporada 3 – DC vs. Wings Gaming Cortesía: Starladder The International 2017 – Team Liquid vs. Secret Cortesía: Valve The International 2015 – CDEC vs. EG – Juego 4 – Gran final Cortesía: Valve TI5 Road to Finals: Evil Geniuses Cortesía: Valve Temporada 8 de Dream League – Fnatic vs. Mineski Cortesía: Dream League The International 2017 – Virtus Pro vs. LFY Cortesía: Valve True Sight: The International 2017 Finals Cortesía: Valve Dreamhack Winter 2012 – Día 3: La gran final Cortesía: joinDOTA Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síganos en Instagram: Síganos en Snapchat: theScoreesports Visite nuestro sitio web:

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  1. theScore esports

    Hey Guys, as some of you noted we left the 6 Million Dollar Echo Slam off of this Top 10 list, which was a miss on our part — happens once in a while ;). We've updated the video to include it. Thanks for your comments and, as always, thanks for watching!


    Miracle survive with 1 hp on rosh pit . Then kill them all

  3. Siddharth Somani

    Stupid version
    Old dota is far far better than this..

  4. Me Me

    This needs part 2 with rtz 2 chrono

  5. deinernst 123

    Where is navi vs tongfu turn arround (dark seer wall+black hole) ?

  6. Box

    Where is miracles roshan play i mean it was like 1 sec

  7. Bear

    TI3 Liquid are doing it??????????? fluffnstuff triple kill on cm??????????

  8. Filip Simic

    you are missing one with navi and epic bh and vacum!

  9. kramD

    why dendi's 5 man coil not there

  10. Han Tuan

    – click on vid
    – skip to the #1
    – confirm it is ahfu's play
    – continue with peace…

  11. Mr. J

    EE-sama's solo roshan with Invoker should be in this list. That was godlike.

  12. Greg Marchand

    Now you have to update again to include miracle 1 second roshan kill.

  13. Eulogio Antig

    You might want to include the 1 second roshan from Epicenter 2019 Finals..

  14. Bad News Russ

    I was so scared that AhFu will not be includet !! ♥

  15. d i n g0

    ive seen that echo slam ice blast combo at least 50 times now and it never gets old, i remember rewinding it like 10 times when it happened at ti

  16. Tas

    It's a Disastah!

  17. PHASE

    KPII 3 aegis steals 1 game PUCK come back

  18. mahamudra mahamudraa

    i was sure mushi's broodmother rosh last hit steal with 2 spiders was gonna be here. not disapointed with the list though

  19. Chris Plays

    Gh's save with Earthshaker at TI Miracle jugg got saved by Gh so hard

  20. Lonely Hapi

    For some reason, I don't understand number 9.. 😩😩

  21. Nyx Ego

    The scariest place for philippine teams

  22. sa ng

    LoL what have u got ?

  23. Frozen Burrito

    I watched that ahfu game, roshan play was the turn around, and he even did another 4 man stun at high ground that basically win them the game. Crazy earth spirit player

  24. Ahmad Rahimi Zulkiplee

    Why would u say ahfu pure skill and brave act as disgusting. It was a strategic play because he knew if they get the aegis, VP had a chance to win. So he needs to reduce whatever percentage that VP had to win. Thats all. You should really choose a better description

  25. Das Die Der Erik

    Moral of this video: If you are facing s4, the game is all about Rosh. And don't you think you can sneak it, he'll take it away.

  26. Andrei Acrismaritei

    I understand that many people have many opinions… but it's kinda rude to end with " if you have anything else, keep it to yourself" … good video, very unprofessional end…

  27. Steve O

    White player steals it awesome Afhu Chinese player does it disgusting.

  28. gwapsgarcia

    Ahfu badass boulder smash forced valve to change the skill into slow lmao

  29. James Ryan Ceballos

    Your Top 10 is pathetic , the best roshan plays are mostly found from NAVI , but you didnt even put NAVI's Naga counter strats, where LightOfHeaven and Puppey vacuums everyone for LoH's blackhole

  30. Crisp


  31. Calvin Guela

    You miss the navi. When the enemy team gank navi at rs's pitbbut navi rise up and wipe them all

  32. Roman Reigns

    Navi vs Tongfu should be in this list. That moment was spectacular at its finest.

  33. Ayanokouji Kiyotaka

    No one is talking about the hamilton song before the introduction???


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