Lo mejor de TobiWan

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TobiWan ha sido llamado la voz de Dota 2. Es uno de los talentos de transmisión más conocidos y respetados en los juegos competitivos profesionales en la actualidad. Y es un gran cantante de karaoke. Esto es lo mejor de TobiWan. Presentado por: Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin) Editado/escrito por: Alex Debets (@ajdebets) Filmado por: Matthew Massey Soporte gráfico de: Christian Pearson (@chr_pearson) Video cortesía de: Tobi Wan canta «I’ll make a man out de ti» Cortesía: joinDOTA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTylASoSjN4 Let It Go – cantado por @TobiWanDOTA – Espectador Stretch Goal Cortesía: joinDOTA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= QoucTr8wLLU PGL PUBG Cortesía: PGL https://www.twitch.tv/pgl_pubg/videos/all Dota 2 Majors (Manila, Boston) Cortesía: Valve https://www.twitch.tv/dotamajor Dota 2 – The International Cortesía: Valve https://www.twitch.tv/dota2ti Epicenter Cortesía: Epicenter https://www.twitch.tv/epicenter_en1 El agujero negro más largo Cortesía: joinDOTA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJ1J6gj6j7Y Vida es como una caja de Dota 2 Cortesía: joinDOTA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5TsInvAAww Corsair Vengeance Cup Cortesía: DreamHack https://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackdota Copa Eizo Cortesía: joinDOTA https:/ /www.twitch.tv/joindotared CSGO PGL Championship Series Cortesía: PGL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8gGqOqAFo8&feature=youtu.be&t=41m38s Kingston Cup Cortesía: CyberGamer TV https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=YCGxW-Dvd28 TobiWan Twitch Cortesía: twitch.tv/tobiwan www.twitch.tv/tobiwan Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Síganos en Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Síganos en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Síguenos en Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. Matt

    Next time if you see a b*tch bickering about being raped

    Tell her to take it on court and file a fucking lawsuit okay? Not with this cancel culture bullshit i mean its just total injustice for him tbh
    And you all should be ashamed for believing someone that didnt even gave a single piece of evidence whatsoever

    To all those who cancelled him
    Learn your lesson as well
    Never accuse anyone without even proving it in the first place or to be specific "DONT BUY A WOMAN'S STORY RIGHT AWAY JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN"

  2. Name

    dota's never been the same without tobiwan. games gone

  3. Kibloid

    we need tobiwan back. odipixel is good. but not as good as mah boi. casting is hyping and building anticipation, not rapping

  4. Frenda

    I went to a TI and the ONLY autograph I got in my book was Tobi. I didn't care about anyone else.

  5. Omni, Nature's Smore

    Metoo took the best Dota2 caster away from us. Still no proof of anything but sure… destroyed a man's life.

  6. fouzi ouchiha

    He was the reasons i started to watch competitive dota

  7. K A

    i dont care what you say. I dont care about the accusations against him. This guy, I repeat, this guy, is the best Dota 2 hype caster of all time. GOAT!!!!! TI isn't as hype without him.

  8. Drizzy

    Old dota 2 map was so huge holy shit

  9. 200 years

    He will make a comeback at some point. A legend doesn't die so easy.

  10. choahjinhuay

    Rip dota, it’ll never be the same without Tobi

  11. Jrex Canz

    oh man I missed Tobi

  12. Yobi C

    tobi is the best of all time in term of broadcast talent, the one and only !!! he is so original and natural .

  13. Mr1152451

    Dota 2 was never the same without your voice Tobi, you left a void in the community. He is like the Jim Ross of E-Sports, the hype is just not the same.

  14. Miku39

    This Guy, theScore eports man is like Rowan or maybe the son of Rowan. :3

  15. Ry Ry


  16. -tree21

    The Voice I miss more than my ex's..

  17. Meshenchu Magh

    Fuck whose who destroyed his career !! karma will get back to you…

  18. Rizal

    R I P

  19. Yuken Rai

    Back to the video cause it's been too long since I heard his voice, I know it is quite controversial but I still believe Tobiwan is innocent, I still believe he deserves justice
    And I am grateful to theScore esports for keeping this video inspite of all the allegations against the man
    What's sad is when his voice needed to be heard the most, everyone just muted him

  20. Aaron Ohsemm

    I'll tell my kid . This guy is LEGEND ! 🥺

  21. Ferdy Septianto

    Maybe he's a bad person, but he's still the best dota2 caster of all time, miss this guy's casting..

  22. Justin Gundayao

    And now tobi, quitting casting dota 2 and never cast again. I can't believe this is happening to tobi because of the accusation of sexual assault. We will miss the hype cast every TI or every Major or whatsoever. Still tobi is the best.

  23. UTSU

    Bye bye 👋

  24. xAcid9

    Who believe Tobiwan is innocent? 🤔

  25. daplinko

    And now he's gone no more ti voice lines

  26. Cristopher Cañete

    It's sad that we won't be seeing Tobi in Dota anymore ☹️☹️☹️

  27. EG. RTKiên

    We will miss you a lot TobiWan, the voice of Dota2.

  28. Russ

    00:50 NO MORE TOBIWAN on the futureDOTA

  29. hmgc

    this video aged like milk


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