Los 10 errores de juego más divertidos en League of Legends

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A veces, una jugada es tan épica, tan perfecta que vive para siempre en League of Legends como un momento icónico. Desafortunadamente, lo mismo puede decirse de los errores de juego. Desde llamadas fallidas de barón y muerte a lobos hasta destellos demasiado agresivos. aquí están los 10 juegos erróneos más divertidos de LoL Editados por Simmy Fong (@Sifolyy) y Sean Tepper (Sean_Tepper) Escrito por: Keith Capstick (@KeithCapstick) Presentado y expresado por Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin) Lista de cortesía: https://pastebin. com/TJYpz1Wg Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Síganos en Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Síganos en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Síguenos en Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. You Murderer

    Lolwtf sorry dude but this isn't the kind of video that needs a host

  2. TheWateringWiz

    Poorly done list and there’s nothing funny about that #1. It’s also definitely not a miss play

  3. Adam Sykora

    I think Rekkleses flash in should be first

  4. Jonathan Muñoz

    another title for this "only in NA happends"

  5. Robin Wenig

    Honorable mention would be the xPeke backdoor. Kev1n missplayed hard with olaf.

  6. ivan dumezic

    Where is bronze doinb executes in finals?

  7. BestHotboi NA

    To be fair, i can see why DL didn't flash with Kog. Probably saw himself not doing much active damage in the moment and decided to use his passive/death to do as much damage as possible.

  8. DennToo

    You need to start doing your homework ssg ruler yomus into the hole skt
    Yellowstar pulling out the yellowstar
    And bjergsen on tf(i cant explain that you have to see it for you self)

  9. Yes Man

    I felt sorry for them

  10. taemo malupet

    I think the best misplay was, when ryu tried to 1v1 faker on zed

  11. Markus Ohov

    Why no famous Yellowstar misplay?

  12. Geddn

    Of all those u showed Cody Flash is prob the most derpy one and i agree with many that jensen not ulting shouldnt be there when u consider what other missplays that has happened

  13. Griffin Tubridy

    I watched that Jensen misplay live and too this day my heart is still shattered, I’ve never seen a team so close to a championship choke so hard, if Jensen ults or zhonyas the cc, TSM has none left to give to the rest of c9 and c9 for sure wins that fight and the game

  14. Beast sama

    Honestly Jensen lost 60% of his health instantly, hard to predict that

  15. DustinEchoes

    What about dyrus ' using chrono break immediately after he teleports

  16. Lawrence Patrick

    Never played LoL. Everything said was gibberish to me.

  17. Quentin

    All them 45mins games with 20 kills. Jesus LoL sucks as a spectator.

  18. Scott Gill

    #3 was easily the biggest, not any of this other crap.

  19. Tre Rutherford

    Tbh doublelift should have used that flash he was saving for the red buff play

  20. 9penguin

    Omg how could you have forgotten Yellowstar’s thresh fail

  21. Mama

    That number 3 though. I remember laughing so friggin hard when I saw that live, it was a true moment of happiness. I laughed at it just there too, and I still have mind chuckles whenever I think of it. This was probably one of the funniest moments I've ever witnessed in competitive LoL.


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