Modelos de Personalidad y Éxito usando Ayurveda

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El Dr. K habla sobre Ayurveda y cómo estructurar su vida en torno a su modelo ayurvédico personal conduce a una vida más exitosa. Si disfruta de estas conferencias, envíenos sus comentarios aquí: Notas de la comunidad aquí: Envíe un mensaje a Brandon#6428 en Discord si ¡Me gustaría agregar/compartir tus notas! Suscríbase a HealthyGamer: HealthyGamer Stream: _____ DESCARGO DE RESPONSABILIDAD Healthy Gamer es una comunidad en línea y una plataforma de recursos para jugadores y sus familias. No brinda servicios médicos ni asesoramiento profesional, y no reemplaza la atención médica profesional. Nuestros entrenadores son compañeros de apoyo, no expertos capacitados profesionalmente, y no pueden brindar servicios médicos. Si usted o un ser querido está experimentando una emergencia, llame al número de teléfono de emergencia de su país. Todos los invitados de Healthy Gamer están informados de la naturaleza pública y no médica del contenido y han aceptado expresamente compartir su historia. ¡Conviértete en un jugador saludable! Discord de HealthyGamer: Twitter de HealthyGamer: Regístrese para recibir entrenamiento de recuperación: #HealthyGamer #Success #Personality

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  1. CharalamBOSS

    The monkey tiger elephant thing was so funny to me because it makes so much sense lol. My brother is primarily Vata, my dad Pitta and me Kapha

  2. Kokola9000

    As a kapha idk how to feel about this lmao cuz society really doesn't reward slow people or late bloomers…..

  3. wow bud

    Random question with a theory, what type of subject system did you have in high school? 13-18 years old education.

  4. xboxer808

    This may have changed my life as well…it made me realize how much of a vata I am, I think…and how much I’ve been trying to be a pitta all this time. Things make sense, I’m leaving this comment here to hopefully come back to in a year for updates….:P

  5. 𝓳𝓾𝓵𝓲𝓪

    I'm a Vata/Kapha mix (Vata-dominant) and thought I was just broken. I might be a little bit broken because of past trauma but generally speaking… I'm not. I just don't have the traits that are coveted in society but I'm still pretty successful for my age somehow. I struggle with staying consistent and have had some issues with quitting jobs because of feeling overstressed, overworked and unfulfilled (+ the jobs being a bad fit) after less than 6 months each after quitting my first one that I had for almost 4 years and am now trying to see my current, very high-paying for my standards current job where I've been for 3 months as a challenge to pour all of my nervous energy into. I tend to turn into a workaholic when I'm stressed or feel out of control in my personal life and a complete mess at work if I feel overwhelmed by my workload. I thought I was just mentally unstable, but Dr. K just told me I'm valid haha

    Thanks Dr. K!

  6. Ian Cannon

    Listening to this it feels like my mind is mostly air, there is a boulder in there that i cling to, and half of it is on fire that i try to ignore.

  7. BakeNShake

    As someone sitting evenly split between Vata and Kapha characteristics, I'm not sure how to make a plan.

  8. The Rogue

    Vata ~ ADHD
    Pitta ~ Neurotypical
    Kapha ~ Autism

    Seem about right?

  9. Daniel

    No wonder I did good in school- vata

  10. Giorgio Ciotti

    I hate to be that guy, but at 6:30 he was actually going down with the sickness

  11. JGcreed

    twitch chat: new patch please
    dr k: why do you think i came all this way

  12. Jaro Atry

    What if I have certain traits from each group? I have Kapa working curve, but Vata body composition. I am interested in many things, but I have slow memory. What category do I fall into then?

  13. Nirav Shukla

    Thank you so much for this. This is like light bulb 💡 moment for me…

  14. Amelia Syifa

    I listened to this during work and i need to repeat the vid idk how many times bcs i catched myself missing things being talked about, buf i cant bring myself to just work without anything in the background to counter the silence/background noises (people occasionally talking at random moments) at office.

  15. Ma J

    I’m Kapha and I still wait to finally bloom 🙁 hope it happens before I’m 30 lol

  16. Daniel Weirdone

    This video is super helpful and I feel that it might be kinda breaktrough to accept that I'm Vata personality. Thank you! You earned a subscriber, I love your videos.

  17. kelper

    Best video on youtube I ever watched I think! And I watched a lot. Thanks for explaining the eastern model of the mind!

  18. Ian Corral

    This video is wrong. Not only does it cite the fallacious meyers Briggs test (which isn’t psychology), but it assumes there is a core “who you are” when there isn’t.

    There is no “who you are” and by “being something you aren’t” is how people change and do great things. If he was right then people wouldn’t change over time and learn (which they do).

  19. vexorian

    This is like a mix of racism and phrenology. Oh lol being slim determines your personality, but also your skin "texture" sure. Ok.

  20. What What

    My retirement plan is to buy up a bunch of books because there’ll be not a single book being physically made when I would finally able to retire in a 100 years.

  21. naruto12270

    Every video, Dr.K make, is its own TedTalk.

  22. Evan G

    Haha that happens to me. I work as hard as like a ceo of a huge company for like 3 months or longer but than I get bored and I'm out of commission for like 2-3 years depending on how much work i did ahaha. It's not really useful though

  23. Drake Winwest

    This sounds like such bullshit but for some reason every description of Kapha appilies to me magnicifantly.

  24. Ryan Rodriguez

    I think Ayerveda isn't that accurate when it comes to physiology with body types and stuff like that, but I do believe Ayerveda has our psychology mapped spot on. This is the only "personality" exam that's ever made 100% sense to me. I discovered I lean very Vata and it makes so much more sense now why I struggle in certain aspects of my life.

  25. Emil Nicolaie Perhinschi

    What is the fourth type of personality ? The three are all eventually positive, what is the bad type of personality ?

  26. EJ Lowell

    I'm a mix of Vata/Kapha primarily – pretty sure, anyway, my stress response is bunker down and HIDE and yet my elbows are so bony they inflict piercing damage – but while I was sorting it all out in my head I realized that the success curve for Vata is exactly what I've been doing since I quit retail. I wear so many hats I can't decide what to put in "About Me" sections on like… Twitter or YouTube or even my website. Like… I have 1400 words left on the novel I've been writing for NaNoWriMo and probably could've finished it four days ago if I hadn't gotten distracted by composing a piece of music for no reason. Big Vata Mood right there. The monkey brain cannot be stopped.

    On the other hand, once I've been working on a project for a while, I can keep looping back to work on it for literal YEARS and the only thing that will stop me is divine intervention. (And even then sometimes I continue out of sheer stubborn will.) So… there's a little Kapha there, too. 😀 I'm also absolutely a late bloomer so… ehh. I'm like a monkey riding a mammoth. Anything creative? MONKE. Everything else in my life? Mammoth.

  27. wonder woman

    As a vata if you do juggle 4 or 5 things (multiple things) aren't we increasing vata in us which leads to imbalance and exhaustion? Should we not try to focus on one thing at a time to decrease the

  28. co bi

    I think I'm a kapha, I just hope I live long enough to see myself bloom

  29. DnDrope

    damn, this is so interesting, dude.

  30. colew

    I'm so glad you did this! Thank you incredibly! It's a shame more people didn't come to learn more about how to have a higher quality of life! :/ But that's okay. 🙂 Thank you again!

  31. Katie Roberts

    Thank you Dr. K, from an MFT counseling student working toward Art Therapy credentialing, your lessons are like a guiding star in Western therapy approaches – modules or approaches to ‘sick care’ I have found tough to navigate through my professional career. I have always felt there were major disconnects, a void of disjointed health approaches with philosophies to human health. My intuition was to connect the dots amongst all the factors that make up ‘human’. Your point about Myers Briggs- Carl Jung as interpretations of Eastern philosophies struck a major chord. To be more introduced to the system of Ayurveda makes me realize Jungian approaches I have held dear are merely just a tip of the iceberg of global human health… while it is a bit of an ego burst to hear I am in no way innovative in seeking these integrated philosophies haha, it is much more encouraging I now have a more grounded map to learn as much as I can in these world philosophies to inform my own developing counselor practice. It’s tough not to soapbox share these lessons to everyone sharing my Western lack of awareness, so I also appreciate your approachable and analytical style of information delivery. So yeah thanks!

  32. inb4play

    I must be a Vitta Kapha because I'm skinny fat and socially and financially unsuccessful

  33. Janzorn

    vata + pitta

  34. George Panoschi

    so dr. K's public is made of ENTPs and INTPs mostly :))

  35. iivin

    "Western" medicine does treat the whole person. Whole medical dramas are built on the fact that a dr. mcdreamy can't provide x treatment to y part of the body without damaging z, q, r, s, t other parts of the body. What is hospice care and all of the decisions that go along with treating the dying but a process of discovering what will best help the unfortunate person without destroying their mind?

  36. Strangelove

    So, I feel like I'm very Vata, but I can sit and grind something boring in a videogame for hours

  37. dahom plays

    "use laziness as fuel to push you forward"
    – Dr k ( the art of ayuroveda)

  38. [INFP] (CZ)

    And here I was just thinking about how to get undisciplinen't, thanks for showing me de wae.

  39. CornPop is a bad dude

    it seems like pitta’s basically a combo between vata and kapha

  40. Meme Time

    I feel I'm less useful trait of all these as I'm a slow learner, I don't like the idea of staying in same place or doing same stuff but I'm addicted to doing on thing for days


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