Momentos ICÓNICOS de Esports: CLG finalmente destronó a TSM como campeones de la LCS de NA

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Algunos momentos trascienden los momentos destacados o el trabajo en equipo ganador de trofeos. Van más allá de ejecutar jugadas aparentemente imposibles y cautivar a la multitud. Algunos momentos llevan consigo el peso del trabajo de toda una vida y el eventual alivio que se obtiene al arriesgarlo todo por un sueño realizado. Uno de esos momentos fue el discurso de George «HotshotGG» Georgallidis en el Madison Square Garden, después de que su equipo Counter Logic Gaming finalmente ganara las eliminatorias de la LCS NA durante la temporada de verano de 2015. Lista de cortesía: Riot Games CLG vs TSM – Juego de finales 3 Riot Games HotshotGG: The Legend Returns Riot Games League of Legends NA Regionals Semi-Finals #2 CLG Juego Vs Dignitas 2 Riot Games TSM vs CLG – Semifinales de playoffs de la LCS NA 2014 G3 HotshotGG / nomadsrevolt HotshotGG esquiva a Malphite Ult y lo mata https:/ / Counter Logic Gaming Bienvenido al canal oficial de CLG en Youtube World Cyber ​​Games / Riot Games WCG Grand Finals – Team NA Entrevista posterior al juego Intel Extreme Masters League of Legends SoloMid vs. CLG 3/3 Gran final IEM GC (gamescom 2011) Intel Extreme Masters En una mente profesional: HotshotGG Riot Games CLG.NA vs IG – Temporada 2 Grupo A Counter Logic Gaming anuncia al nuevo entrenador de desarrollo de jugadores de LCS de CLG, Mike ¡Schwartz! Riot Games Nuestro juego | League of Legends Team SoloMid TSM: LEGENDS – Episodio 1 – Una nueva temporada Riot Games CLG y TSM: una historia de rivalidad https://youtu .be/Bwd25bjo4BA Riot Games La rivalidad de CLG TSM Riot Games TSM vs CLG: Una rivalidad de pulgadas | NA LCS Summer Week 9 (2017) Riot Games TSM vs CLG – Finales Juego 1 2015 NA LCS Summer Playoffs Riot Games CLG vs TL – Cuartos de final Juego 1 https :// Riot Games CLG contra Team Liquid | Juego 3 Cuartos de final T5 NA LCS Primavera 2015 playoffs | CLG vs TL G3 Riot Games CLG Coach Blurred Limes muestra el bloque de cemento que usan para motivar a los jugadores ;] Riot Games CLG vs C9 – NA LCS 2015 Summer W4D2 – Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud 9 Riot Games CLG vs T8 – NA LCS 2015 Summer W9D2 – Counter Logic Gaming vs Team 8 Riot Games TSM vs CLG – Juego final 2 Riot Games CLG vs TSM – Juego final 3 Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. JnxakaBeasie

    as a tsm fan knowing how tsm won every game it wasnt as fun as it got after this when the other teams could actually compete. thank god tsm imported so many players for NA.

  2. Valiente

    Hotshot was the inspiration for me to get better at League. Good old days man.

  3. Rayz

    you are great guys the score esports always make a great content

  4. sosososososo

    Love these emotional moment of these. The owner is crying…… Greetings from Korea

  5. Vidril

    lol,not anymore

  6. Douglas Paulson

    I still can't believe that League of Legends was played in Madison Square Garden before the UFC did.

  7. Aj Ortsac

    Where is deft,rekless, and faker iconic crying? Because crying means iconic right??

  8. OfficialMisc

    How can you not like Hotshot……smh Regi………..smh………..smh………….smh………….

  9. FJW

    Do the c9 vs faze major finals

  10. xHito Music

    5:17 OMFG, is Xmithie having an allergic reaction? Was he exposed to a pufferfish? What's wrong with him?

  11. BlackWing 92

    "You're all my brothers "
    Andddddddd,there's go DL after Worlds

  12. Kentalol

    Hotshot-Nidalee-GG i love this man <3

  13. Mark

    Many BibleThump's were given in twitch chat that day.

  14. CLG

    Thank you to all our fans that supported us to make this moment happen. <3 #CLGFIGHTING!

  15. Dave Smurf

    HotshotGG was one of the reasons I started playing league back in the day.

  16. Tim BM

    Well done.

  17. nomorecakes

    One day the old commentator will come back. And I'll be happy

  18. Kawken Bowls

    Man when clg won the na finals it was an unforgettable momment

  19. Robston

    You should do an iconic esports video on Lunatic Hai finally winning their first major at Apex Season 2 after coming second in 2 previous tournaments.
    I know you don’t do a lot of OW content but it’d be cool

  20. alby

    Faith Age

  21. Jonathan Jacobs

    Change this series to North America's ICONIC Esports Moments. First the Doublelift teamfight, now this. 2015 hosted the literal best Western BO5 ever played between the two greatest Western teams since M5 and CLG.EU, still you choose this.
    Don't go full World Series on the non-American fans here please.

  22. House of M

    Is HotshoGG a Information Technology before he drop out

  23. meee eqwqewq

    Not a clg fan but gained a lot of respect for hot shot gg keep going man


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