Momentos ICÓNICOS de Esports: cómo EDG venció al LeBlanc de Faker en el MSI 2015

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Cuando Edward Gaming y SK Telecom se sentaron para la gran final del Mid-Season Invitational 2015, Faker tenía marca de 12-0 sobre su campeón característico: LeBlanc. En el Juego 5, ambos equipos sabían que preferiría su selección de bolsillo. Pero EDG estaba listo con un plan para vencerlo. Así es como el equipo chino y coreano hizo historia en el MSI 2015. theScore esports builds: Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síganos en Instagram: Síganos en Snapchat: theScoreesports Mid-Season Invitational – Finales Cortesía: Riot Games /videos/4899285 Mid-Season Invitational – Semifinales Cortesía: Riot Games Mid-Season Invitational – Fase de grupos Día 1 Cortesía: Riot Games videos/4789698 LPL Primavera – Semana 6 Día 1 Cortesía: Riot Games Mic Check Ep. 11 (Especial MSI: EDG v SKT Game 5 Edition) Cortesía: Riot Games LPL Spring Playoffs – Final Cortesía: Riot Games https:// LCK Spring Playoffs – Finales Cortesía: Riot Games LOL: 2015 Easyhoon Fotografía de perfil Cortesía: SKT T1 https:/ / LCK Spring – Semana 1 Día 1 Cortesía: Riot Games LCK Spring Playoffs – Ronda 2 Cortesía: Riot Games com/watch?v=DPJDnujmHBQ OGN LOL Champions Spring 2013 LIVE :: Ronda de 12 :: SKT T1 #2 vs. MVP Blue // ahq Korea vs. SKT T1 #1 Cortesía: OGNGlobal /videos/38053898 OGN LOL CHAMPIONS Invierno 2013-2014 :: 15 de noviembre (VIE) 01:00 PST :: Octavos de final, Día 1 Cortesía: OGNGlobal

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  1. scruwu

    deft ganó en 2022, un capo

  2. goodkid

    4/2 300 cs… I don’t think they beat faker

  3. Animevolution

    For the future people reading this and/or coming back to this.

    While it is true, that faker got counterpicked from every position except jungle, it has to be said, that this game was lost from the coach and bang.
    Never have I ever seen bang so bad in my life.

    When SKT where at equal gold, he inted (made mistakes someone like him never does/someone that good in lol doesnt) and not only once, but twice.
    Once during the fight at top side, deciding to ult into the enemy team WHILE HE SAW that there would be a morg right in face if he did, and second time during the fight at drake when he decided to walk into the morg when sivir was dead, and then getting morgana q'd because……honestly after years I still dont know wtf he was smoking to go for that play.

    Lost the game at the second point because of gold lead.

    Coach for the reason that this champ select was terrible AF. Obviously the leblanc shouldnt even be an option because of the maokai pic, and picking nunu was always bad. Taking Seju over Nunu was the pick in every scenario because nunu doesnt do shit for your leblanc pic that you desperatly wanted.
    Also there is the debate whether rumble would have been better than Gnar because of the Item build (lyandries) against tanks but you are locked when you pick the nunu to take the gnar because of the engage.

    All in All, pretty heartbreaking moment for someone that watched this live and knew what would happen after seing the morg pick.

  4. KevinhoTinto

    quem esta aqui pelo video do kami, tamo junto 😀

  5. Nariagi

    Vim pelo kami

  6. Fon

    vim pelo KAMI

  7. Marcos Miller

    Quem veio pelo vídeo do Kami?, 🗣❤️👏🏾

  8. Thiago Moura

    11:47 His team* wasn't good enough.
    Its unfair blame only faker through the defeat.

  9. Brian O

    Wait. Faker didn't play on game 1 and 2? Why??

  10. Sebastian

    that is when Tank Season start….

  11. Leo Lusañez

    The intro music on this is godlike. Anyone know the title of the songs used here? O.O

  12. Frenkli Herri

    remember that u call ur enemy pussy when they counterpick u imagine the whole team counteripicknig u

  13. Sideshownicful

    Casual player question: at 8:34, it seems that Faker had not chosen Leblanc, until his coach talked him into it. Why would he not immediately take his best character if he could? Did he smell a rat?

  14. Piekachu

    Why i get a undertaker streak vibe HAHAHAAH

  15. RmXev Bio

    Who made this vid. G2? 🤪😂😂😂

  16. Nu

    4 years later, G2 did the same thing

    left qiyana open then drafted comps that counter him (ornn, olaf, syndra, yasuo, gragas)

  17. Luo Zheng

    Still hoping for edg to win worlds

  18. Tyronin

    I like SKT's coach tho

  19. HD KA


  20. Justyn Rodríguez

    they needed 5 counterpicks to win against one guy pick, not a big fan of faker but that was crazy


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