Momentos ICÓNICOS de Esports: el grupo de perdedores milagrosos de Luffy en EVO 2014 (FGC)

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Ganar EVO del grupo de perdedores es absolutamente lo más difícil que un jugador de juegos de lucha puede lograr. Juegas el doble de partidos que los jugadores del grupo de ganadores. El doble de jugadores. Estás el doble de cansado, trabajando en el doble de malos enfrentamientos y luchando contra el doble de jugadores de clase mundial. Ah, y una cosa más. Intenta hacerlo todo en un controlador de PlayStation One. En 2014, Olivier «Luffy» Hay hizo historia al convertirse en el primer campeón europeo de Street Fighter EVO y el primer campeón de Street Fighter EVO en jugar en pad. Y lo hizo desde el grupo de perdedores en lo que se ha convertido en la carrera EVO más grande de todos los tiempos. Lista de cortesía: EVO vods Cortesía: evo2kvids Enlace: Tráiler de Capcom Cup 2017 Cortesía: Capcom Fighters Enlace: The Art of Street Fighting Cortesía : Redbull/Talla’s Fight Lounge Enlace: El arte de la lucha callejera | Tráiler Cortesía: Redbull Enlace: WGC 2K10 – SF4 – Luffy vs Daigo Cortesía: GnouzCorp Enlace: WDM|MCZ.Louffy (Rose) vs MCZ. Mago (Fei Long) – DHW13 RO32 Cortesía: DreamHack/hakf Enlace: Ultra Combos Cortesía: Ray Dhimitri Enlace: Rose Modo Arcade Cortesía: XGAMER 744 Enlace: Tráiler de lanzamiento minorista completo de Ultra Street Fighter IV Cortesía: Street Fighter Enlace: ELEAGUE vods Cortesía: ELEAGUE Enlace: https://www Xian VS Luffy (EVO 2014, final del grupo de ganadores) Cortesía: Alessandra Lo-Presti Enlace: Tokido VS Luffy (EVO 2014, final del grupo de perdedores) Cortesía: Alessandra Enlace Lo-Presti: Capcom Cup 2015 vods Cortesía: Capcom Fighters Enlace: Luffy (Rose) vs Ma go (Fei Long) Evo 2014 Cortesía: BornFree Enlace: EVO vods Cortesía: PS3GamingHD Enlace: Bonchan: De Mahjong a pro SFV | Esports Unfold Cortesía: Red Bull Esports Enlace: Imágenes: 1067/1/luffy-en-accion-en-red-bull-kumite.jpg ?fit=622%2C320&resize=750%2C400 https: // /stunfest-2016-xian-eita-street-fighter-v-joueurs.png /2016-01-15/1331771117209_4/0010/1/1500/1000/1/momochi-pro-street-fighter-player.jpeg gackt-3.png×534/filters:quality(90)/https%3A%2F%2Fblueprint- https:// /status/488525668330647552 Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. Brokout

    Luffy’s run was insane. Here are some of the notable players he beat on his way to victory:

    Tokido (JPN)
    Misse (JPN)
    MCZ|Mago (JPN)
    Eita (JPN)
    FGC|Pugera (JPN)
    EGIMomochi (JPN)
    RZR|Gackt (SNG)
    RG|Snake Eyez (USA)
    Fuudo (JPN)
    Bonchan (JPN)
    Bonchan (JPN)

    Also, at the time, Rose was considered mid to low tier, so don't let anyone try and downplay his achievement in this tournament, regardless of what country Luffy is from, it’s impressive.

  2. TankkOne

    my favorite esport moment ever

  3. TheCatboy

    As someone who has played as Rose since SFA, I can honestly say that after this day, Rose went from the bottom tier to top 3 and even sat at #1 pick rate literally overnight.
    People finally understood her kit.

  4. March Whitlock

    I was sent here from a Polygon article about controllers

  5. videofudge

    Shit man. The names this guy had to go through.

  6. Winterhe4rt

    Man I remember poor Bonchan played like he never faced a Rose in his life. xD

  7. Shinku Gouki

    LOOFY? Let's review other English words.LUFFY,right? Mummy,bully,stuffy,puffy,buffy,puppy……..LOOFY??? That's either misspelled or mispronounced.

  8. Vala SSB

    So he did return his evo champ title after this loser run ? props to him

  9. Dogma_

    Idk why you are making such a big deal about his controller

  10. REALSlutHunter

    Dont underestimate the mighty real first generation PS1 Controller (with the smooth surface on the D-Pad……..later ones and any PS2,PS3 etc got a very stiff D-Pad with a rough surface. and are totaly different in the inside……less parts, and cheaper)
    I use mine since 2004, it's taped on 2 sites (i broke it 2 times because auf GTA Vice City) and the Triangle Button dont work good anymore (i must push it realy hard) but the D-Pad is the best thing ever.
    You can do 2 x qcf blazing fast, it's so good "used" and "squishy" that you just do 1 x qcf (sometimes it's enough when you just hold down, left *LOL*) and just a tiny bit of the second qfc and it will work !

  11. Maikab09

    forgettable champion

  12. Edras Perez

    Ps1 controller on a xbox 360 system hmmm🤔

  13. Sean Buckley

    Why do you say the controller is older than the game as if it's a point. Games are designed around controllers it's redundant.

  14. half

    Loooool Luffy Vs bon Chan (one piece lel)

  15. Livin’ Life

    Where is he now though? Does he even still play?

  16. flow repins666

    Amazing players can win evos but only this legend did it with dual shock 1

  17. At0micPunk

    With a PS1 controller. Respect.

  18. Armand

    And he did it with Rose, great feat and best moment of his career so far.

    As a Rose player this was particularly inspirational.

  19. Fabulous the BOSS

    The one evo year i hated the most. I wanted bonchan to win sooo badly. I would have loved to have seen snake eyes win as well.

  20. Saínt

    Hes using ps1 pad because sony pads from that time had highest quality dpad. im personally still using first dual shock ever released on psx for same reason. After that they decided to cut costs and from ps2 onward dpads and actually whole controllers were way worse with less screws to hold them together and fewer elements inside. It's one of best possible picks for someone who wants to play on pad, together with some old sega pads.

  21. mnmnmnmn

    "He was doing it on a controller that's older than the game he's playing."
    I'm sorry but arcade sticks/arcade controllers are way older than the ps1 controller lol.

  22. Will N

    Was the PS1 controller modded?

  23. Bryant Bravo

    Now i know the joy stick controllers are a scam

  24. Shawn

    And it’s gone. Fluke

  25. Miguel Medeiros

    Could've been more creative with the name tho

  26. Juna

    luffy vs bonchan. please. please someone make one piece jokes for me.

  27. abm

    Rose+Menat=OP capcom please

  28. cartoonjerk

    Insane, he destroyed so many big names even before entering top 8.

  29. Toinou Grondin

    Continu FGC vids plz
    SF / Marvel / Smash 😀 ♥

  30. Strawberry

    I want to see Gallileo vs Dogura in Blazblue! It was legendary, definitely deserves a video.

  31. Henry Verniz

    As time goes by, Luffy's win, while remarkable looks like a flash in a pan. MenaRD's capcom cup looks to be in the same route.

  32. troycm89

    Now you should do a story on Bonchan and how he came back and won it all the next year! Speaking of which, Gamerbee would be an interesting feature as I always wanted to know more about him.

  33. August Greig

    Bonchans run was far more impressive considering his character

  34. TheLittleFish

    No offense but nothing about luffy is iconic

  35. Sam Cook

    this is full of so many errors. not just pronunciation errors but just clearly not knowing which player is which

  36. Sam Cook

    mispronounces “xian” really bad lol

  37. Brian Scalabrine aka GOAT

    are u fuckin stupid? why are you pronouncing their names so wrong even though they say the name right in the clips you used? what kind of fuckin morons…

  38. Jonathan

    This was just fucking insane. His run was crazy and the one piece ref was great

  39. Hatchumo

    I wish I could enjoy your videos more, but it's hard for me to respect anything you have to say without having any Starcraft Broodwar moments… If I am just missing it then let me know and I'd be happy to be proven wrong. I see you talk about the scandal, but that's obviously not what I mean…


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