Momentos ICÓNICOS de Esports: el maravilloso regreso de Justin Wong (FGC)

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Cualquiera que haya jugado alguna vez un juego de lucha competitivo ha experimentado un momento de desesperanza. Un momento en el que te das cuenta de que tus posibilidades son escasas y tus esperanzas de ganar se desvanecen lentamente ante tus propios ojos. Lo que separa a los jugadores legendarios del resto de nosotros es la capacidad de mirar ese pavor a la cara y seguir jugando. La capacidad de nunca rendirse. En el torneo Marvel vs. Capcom 2 en EVO 2007, todos en la comunidad de juegos de lucha estaban esperando un partido, Justin Wong contra Michael «Yipes» Mendoza. Justin Wong hizo historia con este regreso icónico. Imágenes cortesía de James Chen Clips cortesía de EVO Music usados ​​bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. AirKangLocker

    another legend marvel moment would be combofiend's bionic arm

  2. Ya Momma

    stop commentating leme see some ass getting whooped you bot

  3. GitGud

    Of all the people, he's the one that would never give up because the 37 taught him well.

  4. MilesRubi

    if the MCU ever gets the X-Men back, then Justin Wong should cameo

  5. TheGoonsies

    0:10 LOL I remember this, they both play the match shirtless and the chat went wild

  6. wade wilson

    4:40 to all yall who use a fkn gaming chair nowdays… this is how legends used to play 💯

  7. SnowyCowboy

    Oh so this is what Deadpool was referencing when he said "Where's your curly Moustache at?" at when he beats Magneto.

  8. xXLilSmurthXx

    Every time I hear "OH MY GAAAWWDDDD" it makes me smirk and smile at the same time.

  9. Yon Slash

    Damn, the story was much like what he experienced with Daigo's perry. He didn't won the tourney, but it's the comeback that makes the highlight…

  10. Prep

    That commentators' words at the end are legendary as well…. such passion

  11. Ace Strife

    Is it just me or is the audio in this video crackling? Notably in the voiceover, like it's peaking/clipping.

  12. Le Ha Tran

    Probably the only guy that was in 3 of EVO best moment …. moment 37 (arguably "THE" moment)… Wong vs Yipes (the iconic comeback of MVC 2) … Return of the King MvC 3 – The Wong Factor. The dude is a legend !! props to the wong factor

  13. Atcera

    Wong factor turns commentators into pornstars

  14. divinityy

    Justin the only guy to be on the both sides of a dramatic comeback

  15. JIX9ISLER1986

    Yipes did NOT drop his combo…..he did not have meter

  16. ShinUltima

    While very late, I'd like to point out that stating that Cyclops was never considered for top tier is simply not true. Early MvC2 tier lists, i.e. around the first 3-6 months, originally had a Big Ten tier consisting of (not necessarily in this order): Cable, Sentinel, Magneto, Storm, Spiral, Cyclops, Iron-Man, Strider, Dr. Doom, and Blackheart. It took a solid 9-12 months before the Big Four of Storm/Sentinel/Cable/Magneto separated themselves from the others, though Spiral et. al rest were still considered great characters and many great teams used them.

    (Indeed, note that the Evo champ of 2005, Duc Do, won with his classic Spiral/Cable/Sentinel, a team that hadn't seen regular tournament use since Duc Do won the first major MvC2 tournament in 2000 at B5, Evo's predecessor).

    Not to take anything away from Justin's Marvellous™ comeback, but there are reasons why Cyclops was considered top tier at one point, a big one being free meter gain with endless superjump back HK and any hit comboing into Super Optic Blast easily and safely, as Justin shows here. Once it was done to one on one, Justin had the advantage, but of course, getting to that point was the major comeback.

  17. Daniel Guzman

    Thumbs down only because I really hate skisonic or w.e his name is most annoying "OMG" I've heard from a man…

  18. darkinertia2

    Damn justin has an american happ stick with a thrice sticker on it…thats 07 as fuck lol

  19. Kinan Ballagh

    Oh my God I never knew it was against yipes and that he ended up winning


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