Momentos ICÓNICOS de esports: el mejor juego de Dota 2 jamás jugado

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El escenario más grande. La subida más empinada. De espaldas a la pared. El 10 de agosto de 2016, frente a probabilidades increíbles, Evil Geniuses se negó a inclinarse. En el proceso, hicieron historia en The International 2016. Escrito por Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet) Editado por Colten Gowan (@TheOnlyZoltan) Narrado por Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin) Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM») . Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports The International 2016 – Evento principal Día 3 Cortesía: Valve https://www.twitch. tv/videos/82878048 TI6 Camino a la final – EG Cortesía: Valve EG vs. LGD [BO3] – The International 2015 – Casters: LD & Blitz Cortesía: Valve Análisis preliminar TI6 EG vs EHOME Juego 1 Cortesía: PPD (Youtube) ver?v=vO-wYcpoyb8&

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  1. Andoy Doy

    Jesus Loves all of you guys <3

  2. Andromeda

    I always love how eg is north Americas team. When they rarely even have 2 Americans on the team at one time

  3. dman2159

    I miss this EG roster. Maaaan, those were the days

  4. The Merchandise

    In chess, there was a game dubbed The Evergreen Game because of its timeless beauty in strategy. For Dota, Ehome vs EG game 1 should be dubbed something special the likes of Evergreen. The Dagon Game? EG's Stand?

  5. jd_00

    Team Dagon

  6. Becker Dalman

    fun fact:
    caps and blitz were casting for 2016 TI eg vs ehome megacreep comback AND 2019 TI secret vs mineski megacreep comeback

    and ZAI was on both occasions…on the winning side 😃

  7. Kai Tetsujin


    One of the hypest moments in Dota 2

  8. EZ

    I still remember just how tense the crowd felt and the explosive feeling each time a void hit. Best game I’ve ever seen live.

  9. Solomon The Great

    NaVi vs IG TI2 The Play
    NaVi vs Alliance TI3 The Rat Strategy
    OG vs TNC TI5 The Greatest Upset
    EG vs EHOME TI6 The Greatest Mega-Creeps Comeback
    OG vs PSG.LGD TI8 The Greatest Defense
    OG vs Newbee TI9 The Fountain Dive

  10. ness official

    Watching this make me realize how much i miss old man FEAR. feelsbadman

  11. Argumenter_Respecter

    One of the main reasons this match is so epic is not just the plays that happen in game, but there's one major outside factor: The crowd.

    It's already rare that they would chant, only a few of the world's best teams can make them. So, it's VERY rare that the crowd would chant for BOTH teams. And they do it in one of the most impressive comeback against mega creep and a very formidable team. It's like destiny that the match happened the way it happened.

  12. Saheb Roy

    You guys can literally replace this video with ti8 UB game3


    Fear’s good old days

  14. Mr.Random

    World war 3 is coming..

  15. Jade Imingan

    I wish Aui. Universe and PPD would return to control Sumail's ways

  16. 37DZ

    The 70 dislikes are probably EHONE fans lol.

  17. Vaughn Camacho

    Yes sex is nice, but have you ever done a mega creep comeback?

  18. demilishing

    Been to 5 TI's, this was the best game I've seen live.

  19. George

    USA chants are the most cancer thing ever.

  20. Puro

    Normal people: chants the name of the team they support.
    American: chants USA… for some reason.

  21. Don Jones

    Alliance done this before years back. First to comeback from a mega creeps, first to come back from 50-70K gold deficient. They even base raced EG a couple times.


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