Momentos ICÓNICOS de Esports: ¡La increíble rivalidad de Genesis entre Armada y Mango!

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Génesis fue el nacimiento de la rivalidad de Armada y Mango. Y el destino ha intervenido para que siempre se enfrenten en las grandes finales del torneo. Junto con EVO, Genesis se ha convertido en uno de los torneos más importantes de la comunidad Smash y, gracias a una habilidad increíble y una suerte increíble, siempre ha sido el campo de batalla de Armada y Mango. Lista de cortesía: Feature Open Image Cortesía: Smash Europe Link: Mango Evo Image Cortesía: Polygon Link: /polygon/evo2013/victory/DSC_7952.jpg Mango Evo Imagen 2 Cortesía: gamespot Enlace: BEAST 5 – [A] Armada (melocotón) vs. Leffen (Fox) – Gran final cuerpo a cuerpo Cortesía: VGBootCamp VoDs Enlace: Last Stock Legends: Mango vs Armada | T1E6 Cortesía: Last Stock Legends Enlace: Montaje de Genesis 2 Cortesía: Onski Enlace: Armada gana Genesis 2 Cortesía: Onski Enlace: /o1fBBWVW2y0 Genesis 2: SGF, Mango vs Armada Cortesía: ajpanton Link: Cloud9 Genesis 4 Memories Cortesía: Cloud9 Link: Genesis 5 Official Trailer Cortesía: Genesis Gaming Link: Crowd Reaction Armada vs Mango Set 2 Game 4 Genesis 3 Cortesía: DwreckSSB Link: Genesis 4 – Melee Top 8 Intro Cortesía: Muffintank Link: Mango(Puff) vs Armada(Fox)3.3 Cortesía: TheWaffle77 Enlace: Génesis 2: SGF, Mango vs Armada Cortesía: ajpanton Enlace: https:// GÉNESIS 3 – [A]rmada (Fox%2FPeach) vs C9.Mang0 (Fox) – SSBM – Gran final Cortesía: ShowDownGG Enlace: Genesis 4 SSBM – [A] Armada (melocotón) vs. C9 Mango (Fox) Smash Melee Grand Finals Cortesía: VGBootCamp VoDs Enlace: Ultra Street Fighter 4- Evolution 2014 Intro Hype Video Cortesía: evo2kvids Enlace: G3 Teaser Cortesía: sidefx28 Enlace: Tráiler oficial de Genesis 4 Cortesía: Genesis Gaming Enlace: Mang0 Ep2 Genesis 3 Cortesía: Cloud9 Enlace: https://youtu .be/kFiQQAkywCo Documental de Smash Brothers (remasterizado) Cortesía: East Point Pictures Enlace: RoM – Mango (Falco) vs Mew2King (Sheik) 2.3 Cortesía: UM Smash Enlace: BESTIA 5 – [A] Armada (melocotón) vs. Leffen (Fox) – Gran final cuerpo a cuerpo Cortesía: VGBootCamp VoDs Enlace: METAGAME: MAGFest Preview Cortesía: East Point Pictures Enlace: Last Stock Legends: Mango vs Armada | T1E6 Cortesía: Last Stock Legends Enlace: Genesis 3 – Top 8 Finals Montaje de apertura – Super Smash Brothers Melee Cortesía: ShowDownGG Enlace: EVO 2013 SSBM Top 8 WF – Wobbles (Ice Climbers) vs Hungrybox (Jigglypuff) Cortesía: Shitaki08 Link: GENESIS 3 – C9 Mang0 (Falco) vs Tempo|Axe (Pikachu) – Singles Top 64 – Winner Ro16 Cortesía : ShowDownGG Enlace: Genesis 5 SSBM Cortesía: Genesis Gaming Enlace: C9 Mang0 (Fox) vs Armada (Peach) – GOML2016 – Losers Quarter Final Cortesía: EMG Vods Link: LF_ Armada (Fox_Peach) vs. Mango (Blue Fox) Cortesía: Battle of the Five Gods Link: Armada(Peach) vs M2K (Marth)3 Cortesía: theWaffle77 Enlace: Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. Gal Patterson

    I'm not into competitive Melee at all, but this story is still intriguing, especially thanks to how well it was presented here

  2. steven palmzie sim

    Surprised they didn't show the rest heard round the world while highlighting Genesis 1.

  3. Chicken M.

    I feel like spending more time on genisis 1 and 2 would have been better

  4. Ashby Ashby


  5. AAA

    9:26 jeez, that's impressive, all of those are really recognizable and really good smash players.

  6. River Ross

    And then Hungrybox won Genesis 6. Yikes.

  7. Graybat12

    Plot Armor: the Video

  8. Darkside780

    Smash Brothers Documentary is amazing. I urge you ALL to watch it. So damn good.

  9. Trasheye

    Sweden r1 melee players :*

  10. Omuk

    this shit's plup club now. go away.

  11. Morgz 847

    Genisis 5 mango got 5th and armada got 4th lol

  12. Reggie Mass

    Your videos make esports look like the serious business that it truly is. Love your work.

  13. Crispy Sunset 2013

    Genesis 5 ends with an epic Plup vs Hungrybox grand finals.

  14. JoeDan54

    This comments section is now property of the Plup Club

  15. NoVa

    And then this year was Hungrybox vs. Plup so their legacy ended I guess.

  16. FemboyPeek

    lol ex dee haha funny le meme oh also plup won g5

  17. MereMortem


  18. Mason BC

    This legacy is now property of the plup club

  19. Jack Fox

    Genesis was Armada's. It's now property of the Plup club.

  20. BrickNGames

    GENESIS sought out to destroy everything GENESIS 1-4 established. Disrespected the rivalry between Armada and Mango to make it seem “new” and “fresh” having Leffen eliminate both and having Plup win the whole thing. What I’m saying now would sound absolutely ridiculous a few years ago, and that’s because it is, Bobby Scar really fucked up the script this time.

  21. ObsidianKane

    What you mean "Good Storyline" suspicious suspicious


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