Momentos ICÓNICOS de Esports: Lucian Outplay de Doublelift (LoL)

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Riot Games quiere que League of Legends sea un juego sobre el trabajo en equipo. Quieren que la victoria se vea como cinco jugadores, trabajando en perfecta cohesión, comunicándose constantemente, y como lo han equilibrado para enfatizar eso. Riot se ha alejado de permitir que un jugador controle juegos completos, y los mejores equipos del mundo se han construido para aprovechar eso. Pero a veces, todas las opciones de diseño del mundo no pueden evitar que un jugador increíble tome la iniciativa en un punto en el que todo parece perdido. A veces, un jugador hace algo tan increíble que nada más importa. Lista de cortesía: Momentos y recuerdos del campeonato mundial de Riot Games 2017 Momentos y recuerdos del campeonato mundial de Riot Games 2016 DÚOS de Riot Games: Doublelift y Biofrost https://youtu. be/OTOy5nUyZjo Riot Games NA LCS Finals: TSM vs. Cloud9 Team SoloMid TSM: LEGENDS – Temporada 2 Episodio 21 – Sacrificios Team SoloMid TSM: LEGENDS – Temporada 2, episodio 14 – Pruebas (Bootcamp coreano) Riot Games Eyes on MSI: Korea Ep. 4 (2017) Team SoloMid TSM: LEGENDS – Temporada 2 Episodio 15 – Soporte Team SoloMid TSM: LEGENDS – Temporada 2 Episodio 27 – San Francisco ( Worlds 2016) Riot Games IMT vs TSM, Juego 1 – NA LCS 2016 Summer W9D1 – Immortals vs Team SoloMid Riot Games IMT vs TSM, Juego 2 – NA LCS 2016 Summer W9D1 – Immortals vs Team SoloMid Riot Games Chase Your Legend – Doublelift | Worlds 2017 Riot Games TSM vs CLG, Juego 3 – Semifinal de verano de NA LCS 2016 – Team SoloMid vs Counter Logic Gaming Team SoloMid TSM: LEGENDS – Temporada 2 Episodio 24 – Revenge Riot Games Worlds Group Stage: Día 7 Riot Games Team Fight Breakdown con Jatt_ C9 vs TSM (finales de verano de la LCS NA 2016) Team SoloMid TSM: LEGENDS – Temporada 2 Episodio 25 – Toronto Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. Krad🍃

    If I was playing that moment I will use ult immediately haha 😂😂

  2. Mad BR

    @3:20 "strong objective control" 0 drakes and lost top inhib

  3. icedog4

    Absolutely insane what he can do

  4. Nikola Lončar

    One of the most overrated players ever the ulitmate chocker outside of NA

  5. Shuu

    I see double and lucian in the same sentence, i expect to see a Viktor. Where's the Viktor

  6. Bence Vass

    What carry, shen got the triple kill!

  7. Etienne Riendeau

    i was there live and bro still the best teamfight i saw in my live man DL autoing a creep to lifesteal cause if he hit the rek with thonrmail he actually died you gotta watch that fight in slomo to really appreciate it

  8. Tian

    "TSM is NA's greatest hope" uhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. Geoff Bruce

    I always appreciated how Hauntzer plays this so correctly. It’s obviously not mechanically difficult what he does, but the way he just body blocks for Doublelift and basically forces Jensen to go for that high-risk flash Seismic Shove was very important. I hope people notice that and remember that you don’t always have to make the flashy play.

  10. Jinora

    3:21 "strong objective control"
    TSM's dragons: are we a joke to you?

  11. Rodrigo Terrazas

    and somehow tsm fired him and now tsm is a joke lol

  12. tiny

    Im proud to say that Ive seen this play live in the toronto stadium. It was hype af

  13. Zedrhyx

    Still can't reach Worlds semi finals lol

  14. Leo


  15. El Ikkardo

    No one is better than TSM.. til . .

  16. Sots Nein

    That's it? How did pressing r become a 7 minute video?

  17. Jedo Lee

    TSM let go of Biofrost and Svenskeren bcuz of their jg sup synergy, after putting in Grig/Mikeyeung and mithy, and it got even worse. And got Zven becuz he already had synergy with Mithy.

  18. Xyszim

    Hauntzer KS LUL

  19. Takumi Fujiwara

    Regi on suicide watch. 125 dislikes from regi's fake accounts


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