MonteCristo sobre la pausa de Doublelift y el ‘trágico’ conflicto entre la transmisión y el juego profesional

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Aunque Christopher «MonteCristo» Mykles ha pasado gran parte de su tiempo lanzando Overwatch últimamente, sigue siendo una voz destacada en League of Legends. En la BlizzCon 2016, Josh Bury de theScore esports le preguntó qué pensaba de la decisión de Yiliang «Doublelift» Peng de dejar de competir y concentrarse en la transmisión. Esto es lo que tenía que decir. Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síganos en Instagram: Síganos en Snapchat: theScoreesports -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Mire: » Guía de salto de Overwatch: Templo de Anubis» -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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  1. Goblet

    I completly agree, it's fucking redicules. Doublelift is my favorite player of all time, I've been following him since he entered the scene for the very first time. I was super excited for the 2017 NALCS with TSM's amazing potential for worlds next year and then Doublelift anounced his hiatus. I'm not mad at him because it's a great dicision for him, i'm mad at Riot for making this such a good disicion for Doublelift due to the lack of income from being a pro player. It's truly heat breaking.

  2. lostn65

    Riot makes a lot of money off LCS on the backs of the teams playing, but doesn't share much. I think the annual contribution towards player salaries is 12.5k per split. Then they get shitty when orgs create teams for other esports to create more revenue because they aren't making much/enough from LOL. They underpay their casters. Valve pays for 3 weeks at TI what Riot pays for 6 months of casting! Then there's prize money. Worlds each year has 2 million in prize money. TI's prize money was about 18 million. That's a 9-fold difference in prize money. Why wouldn't orgs create DOTA2, Overwatch and CS teams?

    Riot is the most successful of them all, but also the most miserly.

  3. eson

    Doublelift joined tsm to get more viewers than quit after a year to stream.

  4. TeeCo AKA Cocoa Mist

    what is "alot more money"…seriously how much does dblft make a year? cant be that crazy

  5. SLiCe3000

    he is so professional and real. great guy

  6. zombie GI

    wow, he really lost the mercy part :))
    0 fucks were given about riot

  7. Dabzsy

    monte said he wasn't invited yet he actually was…. even said it in his video he turned it down because monte was offering his services for a higher payrate. but in this monte said they didnt invite him at all xD so much lies everywhere

  8. Allen Shin

    Monte super well spoken damn

  9. Vape Naysh

    sticking it to rito every time. DAT MONTE

  10. Aysar Aburrub

    imagine if football players like Messi and C. Ronaldo went on hiatus to stream friendly football games because their teams arent paying them well enough lol

  11. Joshua Perry

    Doublelift is on hiatus, so that Westerners can pretend he's good.

  12. Krazy Lobster

    I'm really intrigued about Rito's success, really. The company never seems to do anything right, and yet the game is huge. True, the player base is full of 12 year-olds who depend on their parents for everythings, so it's probably that.

  13. Gambler

    Monte vs. Riot, and Monte is kicking the shit out of a Juggernaut.

  14. Callum Anon

    monte christo is so smart 🙂 I hope riot listen to his ideas more 😀

  15. Ecroartu

    yeah yeah, "great insights"…monte is just an resentful dude, who wants to cry on the internet cause he is not involved anymore . do you guys really think he's doing it because of pro players?) he is totally doing it for himself, and not even on rito-connected space 😀 just listen to what he's sayin now and what he's sayin lately. you funboys are just funny as fuck 😀

  16. Bacon

    Bwahahahaha, i can say whatever i want since i'm not involved w/ them anymore. :D:D:D:D

  17. pyr0bynight

    Love hearing monte talk. Great insight and opinions

  18. a d

    NA teams are garbage, even this season TSM looked amazing I would assume due to the extra practice. STILL got shit on by the Koreans, just as he stated in the video world champions can sell shit not the 3-4 best region in the world which NA is.  So in short in typical LoL fashion…..GET BETTER and you will make better money.

  19. domeskeetz

    he's quite intelligent, I appreciate his insight on things greatly

  20. hellasow b

    How about riot makes a double lift skin capped at a certain amount of money per split. So once it get to say 100k (or what ever is 50% more than he can get from streaming) So he has incentive to keep coming back to get that new skin money each split. Any player can get a skin made of them but have to pay 5k to make one, since it does cost time and money to make…

  21. AlphaChaser

    I hope he'll cast LCK in OGN this season

  22. Kristian Domingo

    For those that are interested, what he said was the MOST vague and user friendly version this are the earnings (professional; note: there is NO streaming what so fucking ever):

    I player both Lol and Dota2 and watch both and can tell you right now, Riot is jewing the fuck out of these players and there's no wonder worlds are so boring and 1 sided.

  23. larzarus1234

    but but SKT trashed Rox harder in g5 than they did with Samsung ????


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