¿Qué es 322? [A Trip Down Meme-ory Lane] (Dota 2)

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Puedes hacer mucho con $ 322, pero ¿vale la pena desperdiciar tu carrera en los deportes electrónicos? Bueno, afortunadamente (por el bien de la narración de historias) alguien pensó que sí, lo que le dio a Josh Bury la oportunidad de explicar el origen de uno de los escándalos más infames de Dota 2 y, posteriormente, los memes populares: ‘322’. Escrito y presentado por: Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet) Producido/Editado por: Miles Hackett (@miles_hackett) Operador de cámara: Ryan Stratton (@IzeDaBy) Créditos de imagen, artículo y video: Puppey arroja auriculares a un monitor https://www .youtube.com/watch?v=c14VO2FzYTY Cortesía: NPGame.gg Subido por: Syncobazz Baiting Ice Frog with Mango https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mexfuielEY Cortesía: Dota 2 Reddit Subido por: The CyberSport RoX .KIS vs. zRAGE @ Star Ladder Star Series Temporada VI, 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4QhMjZ7lQM Cortesía: SheeverGaming RoX.KIS vs. zRAGE @ Star Ladder Star Series Temporada VI, 2013 https:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9rxuvUKRlA Cortesía: Dota 2 StarLadder Aliens Clip «Nos acaban de patear el trasero» https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyfriipc61A Cortesía: Brandywine Productions Subido por: tiDdelzify Union Gaming vs. Team Liquid @ TI4 Qualifiers, 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoSXspj5E0w Cortesía: joinDOTA Imagen de Solo y RoXKiS http://www.gosugamers.net/files/images/Dota/ Events/EMS%20One%20Spring/rox.kis%20ems.jpg Cortesía: GosuGamers Declaración inicial de RoX.KIS: http://www.gosugamers.net/dota2/news/24458-rox-kis-states-their-dota- 2-squad-is-inocent Cortesía: declaración de admisión de GosuGamers Solo (traducido): https://www.joindota.com/en/news/10165-solo-out-of-rox-kis Cortesía: declaración RoX de joinDOTA.com después de la investigación: http://www.gosugamers.net/dota2/news/24548-rox-kis-boots-solo-off-team Cortesía: GosuGamers Half Baked «Cop Killer»: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=DCdCToZTBvs Cortesía: Universal Pictures Subido por: tarfunkdong Virtus Pro Team Introducción: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPZNU1GbGk8 Cortesía: PGLtv OG vs. Virtus Pro [Game 1] @ The Kiev Major https://youtu.be/K9D9fbC9HhI Cortesía: PGLtv Virtus Pro vs. Team Secret @ The Summit 7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D5e_9cZLpQ Cortesía: Beyond the Summit Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Síganos en Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Síganos en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Síguenos en Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. Yea

    And none were the wiser.

  2. Alexander Afxendiou

    322 is a reference to the eternal process of God meaning 7 God's number
    3+2+2=7 the number of God
    3 above 2 bellow is the 5 point star of God then 2 transformations at rapture making the 6 point star of prophecy with God at the center of the 6 point star ✡
    3 above 2 bellow 2 transformations =7

  3. gp

    But is it really jus $322 only??? Not like several times the bets?

  4. Guy Laroche

    223k views aight, im gonna return and edit this comment when it reaches 322k views!!

  5. Yuzuha Satella

    and now its happening again, thats why i come here

  6. Dax Bertumen

    where do you even bet on these matches?

  7. cristian mures

    Boom Esports vs MG Trust,about one hour ago , ended 3-22 in less than 20 min

  8. 养猫总是掉毛


  9. Crypto Mojako

    And later o his career Solo became one of the best captains in Dota now and still on VP.

  10. NoOne

    Newbee recommend this channel to me! 😂

  11. Primo Primo

    322 kinda did bad in og vs viking

  12. Xite Gaming

    Who coming here from Cayinators post lmao

  13. Ivan Ristovski

    But wait… if he bet $100… and won $322… then he'd win $222?

  14. Bernadette M.

    322 is a year on the Julian Calendar. 322 may also refer to: Plimpton 322, a Babylonian tablet. The mathematic number 322. U.S. Route 322, an east–west highway traversing Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
    U.S, code 322 Qualification of trustee
    (a)Except as provided in subsection (b)(1), a person selected under section 701, 702, 703, 1104, 1163, 1183, 1202, or 1302 of this title to serve as trustee in a case under this title qualifies if before seven days after such selection, and before beginning official duties, such person has filed with the court a bond in favor of the United States conditioned on the faithful performance of such official duties.
    (1)The United States trustee qualifies wherever such trustee serves as trustee in a case under this title.
    (2)The United States trustee shall determine—
    (A)the amount of a bond required to be filed under subsection (a) of this section; and
    (B)the sufficiency of the surety on such bond.
    (c)A trustee is not liable personally or on such trustee’s bond in favor of the United States for any penalty or forfeiture incurred by the debtor.
    (d)A proceeding on a trustee’s bond may not be commenced after two years after the date on which such trustee was discharged.
    (Pub. L. 95–598, Nov. 6, 1978, 92 Stat. 2562; Pub. L. 98–353, title III, § 429, July 10, 1984, 98 Stat. 369; Pub. L. 99–554, title II, §§ 207, 257(d), Oct. 27, 1986, 100 Stat. 3098, 3114; Pub. L. 103–394, title V, § 501(d)(3), Oct. 22, 1994, 108 Stat. 4143; Pub. L. 111–16, § 2(2), May 7, 2009, 123 Stat. 1607; Pub. L. 116–54, § 4(a)(3), Aug. 23, 2019, 133 Stat. 1085.)

  15. Bernadette M.

    I call HUGE BS as U.S. Code § 322.Special operations forces: training with friendly foreign forces.
    (a)Authority To PayTraining Expenses.—Under regulations prescribed pursuant to subsection (c), the commander of the special operations command established pursuant to section 167 of this title and the commander of any other unified or specified combatant command may pay, or authorize payment for, any of the following expenses:
    (1)Expenses of trainingspecial operations forces assigned to that command in conjunction with training, and training with, armed forces and other security forces of a friendly foreign country.
    (2)Expenses of deploying such special operations forces for that training.
    (3)In the case of training in conjunction with a friendly developing country, the incremental expenses incurred by that country as the direct result of such training.
    (b)Purpose of Training.—
    The primary purpose of the training for which payment may be made under subsection (a) shall be to train the special operations forces of the combatant command.
    The Secretary of Defense shall prescribe regulations for the administration of this section. The regulations shall require that training activities may be carried out under this section only with the prior approval of the Secretary of Defense. The regulations shall establish accounting procedures to ensure that the expenditures pursuant to this section are appropriate.
    (d)Definitions.—In this section:
    (1)The term “special operations forces” includes civil affairs forces and military information support operations forces.
    (2)The term “incremental expenses”, with respect to a developing country, means the reasonable and proper cost of rations, fuel, training ammunition, transportation, and other goods and services consumed by such country, except that the term does not include pay, allowances, and other normal costs of such country’s personnel.
    (e)Reports.—Not later than April 1 of each year, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to Congress a report regarding training during the preceding fiscal year for which expenses were paid under this section. Each report shall specify the following:
    (1)All countries in which that training was conducted.
    (2)The type of training conducted, including whether such training was related to counter-narcotics or counter-terrorism activities, the duration of that training, the number of members of the armed forces involved, and expenses paid.
    (3)The extent of participation by foreign military forces, including the number and service affiliation of foreign military personnel involved and physical and financial contribution of each host nation to the training effort.
    (4)The relationship of that training to other overseas training programs conducted by the armed forces, such as military exercise programs sponsored by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, military exercise programs sponsored by a combatant command, and military training activities sponsored by a military department (including deployments for training, short duration exercises, and other similar unit training events).
    (5)A summary of the expenditures under this section resulting from the training for which expenses were paid under this section.
    (6)A discussion of the unique military training benefit to United States special operations forces derived from the training activities for which expenses were paid under this section.
    (Added Pub. L. 102–190, div. A, title X, § 1052(a)(1), Dec. 5, 1991, 105 Stat. 1470, § 2011; amended Pub. L. 104–106, div. A, title XV, § 1503(a)(18), Feb. 10, 1996, 110 Stat. 512; Pub. L. 105–261, div. A, title X, § 1062, Oct. 17, 1998, 112 Stat. 2129; Pub. L. 112–81, div. A, title X, § 1086(2), Dec. 31, 2011, 125 Stat. 1603; renumbered § 322, Pub. L. 114–328, div. A, title XII, § 1244(b), Dec. 23, 2016, 130 Stat. 2518.)

    Dig deep cause you are not even close.

  16. Ginkoman2

    classical 322 into 644 into 966 into megas throw into counter megas throw.

  17. SwayStar 123

    why didnt he just bet a bigger amount on his team winning? lol

  18. bird of the abyss

    I thought this was a video on the Yale Secret Society Skull & Bones and their use of the number 322

  19. hapwn

    Skull and Bones

  20. Beany Swagg

    Ironically the 322 guy is now VP's captain

  21. Rauf Vasikov

    …. and now Solo arguably one of the best pos 5 player and captain of the best team in the world

  22. Hoody Toad

    At least he got a Mercedes now

  23. dubforster

    UFC 32 marked the last appearance of longtime commentator Jeff Blatnick, who had been with the UFC since UFC 4.

    The event poster shows the towers of the World Trade Center in the background. Less than 3 months after the event, they were destroyed in the September 11 attacks. less than 3 month is 2 ufc 32 2 month later


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