¿Qué es incluso la meditación?

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El Dr. K explica qué es la meditación y cómo funciona. ¡Haz clic en este enlace para suscribirte! https://bit.ly/2IzRnJP Transmisión en vivo y horario: https://www.twitch.tv/healthygamer_gg _____ La gente ha usado aplicaciones como Headspace para meditar, pero ¿qué es la meditación? La meditación y la meditación se centran y son pacíficos. La meditación desde un punto de vista occidental se ha separado de sus fuentes orientales originales. Esto deja mucho conocimiento y sabiduría de meditación fuera de la ecuación. La meditación funciona, pero es útil saber cómo funciona la meditación. En este video, el Dr. K explica los conceptos básicos y la ciencia detrás de la meditación. _____ DESCARGO DE RESPONSABILIDAD Healthy Gamer es una comunidad en línea y una plataforma de recursos para jugadores y sus familias. No brinda servicios médicos ni asesoramiento profesional, y no reemplaza la atención médica profesional. Nuestros entrenadores son compañeros de apoyo, no expertos capacitados profesionalmente, y no pueden brindar servicios médicos. Si usted o un ser querido está experimentando una emergencia, llame al número de teléfono de emergencia de su país. Todos los invitados de Healthy Gamer están informados de la naturaleza pública y no médica del contenido y han aceptado expresamente compartir su historia. ¡Conviértete en un jugador saludable! Únase a las discusiones de Discord: http://healthygamer.gg/supportgroup Twitter: https://twitter.com/HealthyGamerGG Regístrese para el entrenamiento de recuperación: http://healthygamer.gg/ #Meditación #Espiritualidad #Superación personal

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  1. blu

    Hahaha when he’s asking for the nouns n shi this his students didn’t know the answer💀💀💀💀 dogshit teacher

  2. Class Punk - Censored by YouTube

    Samadhi isn't just temporary enlightenment because sahaja samadhi is enlightenment, unless you are going to take the route of explanation that samadhi is a concept, and a symbol as a word, which makes it a map of reality rather than the felt underlying terrain.

  3. YinYang

    Dr K🛐🛐🛐

  4. Cecilia Cole

    Great video!!! Very well explained.
    I have over a decade of experience in meditation, so already knew all that you shared, but struggle to teach others simply because it’s such an inherently hard subject to talk about. I LOVE that you explained that “meditation” isn’t a precise word, and can mean thousands of different things. I’ll save this video and be sending this video to others who Ive tried teaching meditation to. ❤

  5. Aayush Khanna

    Man what an amazing explanation of meditation. Thank you Dr. K !

  6. Sulli11

    27:50 reminds me about Self-flagellation as it's historically been used for meditation. Never made the connection that self harm habits could be developed for self medicating "grounding" tactics but it explains the habits very well.

  7. Bチ★Jaden

    Notes: There are two types of meditation, Dharana (focusing techniques used to try and achieve Dhyana (a state of "no mind/mental activity" that can help reduce ego, narcissism, anxiety and help cope with negative emotions)) and Mindfullness (being in the present and observing yourself and thoughts, non-judgementally). An example of a Dharana is a technique called alternate nostril breathing which is basically focusing on the flow of breath. Dharana (verb/action) can be used to achieve Dhyana (noun) but can't be forced. Dharana is a skill that can be developed through practice.

  8. sokoloff114

    Definitely 'more of that', please!

  9. SerrinTheElf

    Seriously, thank you for always prefacing it when you go into spiritual talks. I don't believe in any of it, but because you always draw a line, I can still take you seriously as a whole and learn from your more scientific views.

  10. Chronicle777

    Where can I find the meditatiom program you created for addictions? Anyone know? I'm trying to quit

  11. J

    12:30 Man that's true

  12. Miys Tran

    I found this because I wrote, in the youtube search, this exact title of the video

  13. Mari R

    I've been looking for a quick 5 point anxiety reliever, nice

  14. Internet Stranger

    I would love a video of the contraindications of meditation

  15. Liam P

    32:00 god damn you this hurt me lmao. My ear snapped and zapped me. i did it anyway but you made me put my head in a SAW headtrap of my own creation loll

  16. Videnz

    what i found helps me is to just watch my breath im not even chaning my breath i just watch it and try to feel any single sensation of it

  17. クズ有

    This video is super helpful but I can't stand how inaccurately verbs are described here! To be is a verb. States of being are 100% considered verbs! But they are intransitive verbs, verbs that happen, not verbs that are actively caused. Learning Japanese has helped me be aware of these differences but it stands to reason that we all should have learned in school that "to be" is a verb! To be asleep is a verb (phrase), to be in meditation is a verb (phrase), these are all verbs, just not transitive verbs like throw or see. Also, sleep is both a noun and a verb- sleep, as in that thing everyone needs, and to sleep, as in I sleep every night. It's a verb!!

  18. Moose92411

    Dr. K: “You can’t do Dhyana.”
    Me, unable to pass up a challenge: “OH IS THAT SO, SIR!?”

  19. Heulerado

    It was exactly 4:00 here when he said "Why do we watch YouTube videos until 4 in the morning, even if it is our channel?". I can sense his third eye's power staring right into my soul.

  20. Lucas A

    that is why I like this guy so much, he alway clarify when he is speaking when something is not scientific comproved and he is honest about what he believes

  21. 🎐 Aarón 今

    I'm not in the twitch chat but answering the "if we liked that" question, well…
    [Everyone liked that]

  22. lilSchism

    They way he gets chat to stop trolling in the beginning like a great father., gives a reason why the child should listen, rewards them for listening.

  23. Laura Johnson

    Dr. K: "I listen to Biochemistry to go to sleep."
    Me, a Biochemist: 😀
    Dr. K: "Because it's so mind-numbingly boring."
    Me, a Biochemist: D':>

  24. Yusuf Polat

    Best definition of meditation ever by Dr. K: You're just chillin

  25. a ghost

    Thanks for getting to the root of my SI history quicker than any therapist/counselor I've ever had omfg

  26. Robert Immanuel

    28:1428:22 so pain can be used for meditation? hear me out, A less harmful alternative for people who engage in cutting is eating either pepper or spicy foods. cause it does induce pain but with no physiological consequences, pretty much the same thing but without the physical harm.

  27. sirdot24

    An important step of taking new lessons on board is to stop, reflect and summarise the key points after learning (rather than moving on to the next video). For me, I'm going to summarise it here as I think that'll help me.

    So, meditation in its original language is split into 3 parts. One of these is the state of being free from thought (conscious, but not thinking). This is a state and a noun. It cannot be done or turned on instantly (similar to sleep).
    The other part that we focussed on is the action of concentrating on one thing (focussing). This a verb and a skill which is improved with practice. This skill comes in different forms, which can be categorised as either active or passive.
    Passive techniques are the ones where a person just clears their mind or ignores their inner thoughts. This is for people who are already pretty chill or have experience with meditation.
    The active techniques are better for people who are easily stressed, anxious, or are overthinkers. These still involve concentrating on one thing, but do so through action, rather than concentration. With this, there are two categories too.
    There's shock distractions (putting your face in ice, or thumbs in your ears and humming … cutting) for quick and easy clearing of the mind.
    There's also repeated action distractions (chanting mantras, breathing in a pattern, … knitting). These are harder, but get easier with practice.

    Dr K mentioned more, but these are the main things he concentrated on.

    The next step is to find ways to incorporate these into one's life with careful consideration and through the use of small step-by-step habit creation.


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