Samus vs Iron Man: Choque animado de personajes

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Iron Man vs Samus: ¿qué héroe con traje de poder reina de manera suprema? Decidimos averiguarlo enfrentando al genio superhéroe multimillonario de Marvel Comics contra el cazarrecompensas intergaláctico y estrella de la serie de juegos Metroid. Utilizando el viejo Mark I, la armadura Hulkbuster y el Mark 50 visto en Avengers: Infinity War, ¿podrá Tony Stark vencer a Samus con el Zero Suit, el Power Suit y el Fusion Suit a su disposición? Presentado por Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin) y Sean Wetselaar (@SeanWetselaar) Animaciones de Christian Pearson (@Chr.pearson en Instagram) Edición y diseño de sonido de Colten Gowan (@TheOnlyZoltan) Efectos de sonido cortesía: Blizzard Entertainment Riot Games Soundsnap Video cortesía: Cortesía: LeeKirbyDitkoComics Cortesía: IGN Cortesía: temujin9000 Cortesía: Nintendo -FpEAQk Música utilizada bajo licencia de Associated Production Music LLC («APM»). Consulte theScore esports en Android e iOS: Android: iOS: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Snapchat: theScoreesports

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  1. meow

    Why don't you in a mark 6 is ok to fight samus aran

  2. Josua

    Samus doesn't stand a chance against iron man

  3. The Panda

    My money is on Samus.

  4. Retro Saturn 20

    How the fuck did these guys predict Metroid dread

  5. Sun Wukong the Monkey King

    Your kidding me right. This is the most mismatch fight. Iron Man would shitstomp Samus at zero difficulty and solos her verse by using ThorBuster HulkBuster Bleeding Edge Model Prime Endosym Hologram and Godbuster suit. These suits I just said fought most powerful Marvel characters like Hulk Thor Thanos Celestials from Eternals Dr Doom and even Magneto. This is why Batman is Iron Man best opponent to fight since they create suits to fight Gods

  6. Woah

    They should of done the god buster armour

  7. Nathan Blevins

    Please do Mario vs link. Rivals from the same family yet never fight in 2v2 match where you can choose what weapons you can choose.

  8. Diego Martinez

    Is there a way i can see this with out him talking

  9. LittleAl016

    These dudes are really forgetting about how Samus' Wave Beam can pass through solid inanimate objects, while the Plasma Beam can tear through living beings without much trouble. Combine the two, and I struggle to think of ANY scenario where Tony comes out on top. And let's not forget about the Power Bombs like other people have mentioned. And I LIKE Iron Man.

  10. Consta Star

    Samus Arabs suit can fix itself and is stored in her brain

  11. Hatsune miku 01

    Anyone who’s played all the Metroid games knows Samus would obliterate a lot if not most mcu characters

  12. Hatsune miku 01

    Dont forget about her screw attack, anti gravity suit, super run etc or how Samus has 20 cans of extra energy in the suit ti take even more hits

  13. Miguel angel Mosqueda González

    Cuando iron Man la cogió por la cuerda eléctrica y la tiró empujándola iron Man no es de eso que levántate y seguimos no señor el le uniera dado cañonazos y misilasos y laserasos y martillasoscoete y espadasos y después de todo eso la uniera dejado al párate y nos seguimos dando

  14. Miguel angel Mosqueda González

    Mentira porque si iron Man utiliza el láser los cañones los disparadores de espalda y el pecho la destruye y el láser la espada donde la dejaron a

  15. Raptor Gaming

    if we are talking about the comic iron man it an ez win he survived in a black hole

  16. MMB

    Dude wtf why the first suit you can chose lots of them but why these guys is not knowing anything about ironman

  17. Fleetway12

    NOOO iron man lost aw man

  18. Jay

    I wish Nintendo would do a awesome animated show of samus. I'd totally buy that show!

  19. Jay

    This was pretty good. I wonder if samus could handle thor buster armor.

  20. Antonio Williams


  21. AlternateCheems

    he says samus is just a person in a suit but does not realise iron man is the exact same thing but he is even less without his suit

  22. Divo_TheWoof

    Iron Man is over rated just like bobafett.

  23. Divo_TheWoof

    Fanboys are mad… Iron Man does not have necessary means to catch samus. He legit is just human in a suit granted a smart human. But samus has fought stronger foes than iron man all her life. She can easily adapt and upgrade her suit without need to “work on it.” Samus has a many weapons and abilities that run around iron man samus has an X-ray visor, plasma beam, Ice Beam, wave beam, infinite space jump, and even a power bomb which vaporizes humans. She would just need to use a power bomb and Tony stark is gone. Samus is way to powerful/faster for iron man. You can make all the claims you want but samus suit and abilities outside her suit run around Tony stark.

  24. Gunslinger

    The funny thing is that Samus soloes without her suit if You're usuing mcu Tony. She was raised on a planet with 960x gravity and can survive attacks from space pirates that scale to planetary without even having her suit.


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