Sobre el duelo, la pérdida y el suicidio | Dr. K explica

by | 28 de Nov | General, Salud, Youtube | 32 comments

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  1. Vyezene

    Love you dr K

  2. Zarah Andrahilde

    I am so so sad that even though i watch gaming content and play games all the time, i had still never heard of HealthyGamer, Dr.K, or sadly even the loss of Byron until today.
    This NEEDS a gaming culture movement.
    I'm in.

  3. pianomoth

    depression is like having hiv and a cytokine storm at the same time.

  4. Danny Silver

    Thanks doc, I really needed this video.

  5. MythiKira

    "What Do you do when a champion falls?"

    "You stand up and you fight."

  6. eastcoast

    I am feeling awful and compulsive. I was planning to drive 5 minutes to a cliff and jump off. It’s night time and nobody could stop me. Im alone and nobody knows where I am right now. I watched this and i emailed my therapist instead. Thank you Dr K

  7. cooldudehero123

    25:30 he says every challenge creates the tools to deal with it. how about for victims of SA? i really dont see how the victim wins in anyway after having to experience such trauma

  8. Jessica TC Lee

    Wow you’re so much more mellow 2 years ago 😂😂😂

  9. Michael Williams

    I did reach out.
    I lost friend after friend.
    For years I reached out,
    I told everybody. Anybody and everybody.

    I cannot articulate…
    nobody* did anything.

    I am alive, I am safe. I managed to scrape by long enough to finally get professional help. things are looking up, I'm taking back control of my life.

    Be well friend, be safe, stay alive.
    stay stubborn and stay alive

  10. pixieskitty

    I didn't know about Reckful, I'm very sorry for your loss. Your video hit like a wakeup call, and that part that you said "if you can't better yourself, let someone help you" made me cry so much.

    Thank you, for your videos, for giving a part of yourself, and helping me stay afloat until help comes.

  11. dekuneki

    Guys i know that this video was made about reckful in particular, but the same applies for techno. What do you do when a champion falls? You fucking get up and fight.

  12. Tron

    im so glad u exist <3 <3

  13. TheMarKus

    Dr k is a beautiful person.

  14. Jari Jansma

    Its so pathetic that people think some people are beyond saving. If only they knew a mothers love and a firm hand, theyd be able to help.

    We suffer from shame, shame about being human. Shame about being sensual, dominant. Shame about receiving and giving with our hearts. Because thatd imply that were not "self reliant".

    Pathetic and mind bending philosophy

  15. Pieter Meeusen

    I don't want to share my suicidality because it'll change the dynamics between me and my friends. And I don't want to burden them

  16. David Crawford

    all my friends left me, and my family are the ones who messed me up. Therapists don't understand me, don't help, I'm at my wits end. I've been in hospital before, the only thing that happens there is they stick you with a wrong diagnosis, drug you to hell, and you never get to talk to anyone on your side. the nurses in there get off on trapping people and gaslighting them. Lots of people were convinced they couldn't sign themselves out for one reason or another, it's just a trap. I tried therapy one more time, wrote up all this stuff, asked a bunch of questions, told them about myself, all of it was useless. The system wasn't working for me, same shit each time. I quit my job without 2 week notice, I feel like a failure but everything people say to do was only causing me more pain and misery. I'm trying like hell but there is no one I can talk to

  17. Vince C.

    I don't know what day it'll happen, but I know that it could be any day, and I'm absolutely powerless over it. I exist(this isn't living) with being a "treatment resistant" individual that has been wrecked by trauma and grief. My diagnosises are many. There's one group of people that might understand what being "me" is like. People that list a child or the love of their life unexpectedly. Imagine that crushing feeling the moment you were told they were deceased. That pain that drops you to your knees and the uncontrollable devastation. NOW…Imagine if that moment never ended. From the moment you open your eyes to the moment you go to sleep because your body shut down from exhaustion. It doesn't get better. It becomes worse by the day. You live by the hour. Then by the minute. You've tried every available treatment and medication there is and still you KNOW that tomorrow will be worse than today. How long do you think you could survive? I've made it a year and 2 months. My body…specifically my heart and other organs…are shutting down on me because of it. This isn't LIVING, and most f***ing selfish thing I've ever heard I hear every day. That I should feel guilty because it will make MAYBE one person…who happens to be a senior citizen and has lived a full, long life, sad for a few weeks and then once a year on my birthday. That's SELFISH. Thanks for the video, but you're out of touch with the reality that is some people's "lives". Sometimes it's not only the RIGHT CHOICE, but the most human choice. It is for me. I unfortunately won't die with dignity because of the stigma in this country. Think about that when you lay down a blanket that suicide is wrong.

  18. Omar Lazo

    23 years old with a 1 year old and a failing relationship with no friends. Life is sick nasty rn

  19. Human

    I felt like a vase that was shattered when Etika died.

  20. Sammy

    34:27 be mostly it's because said women are the initial instigators. No surprise there though, cause agro then play the victim card.

  21. Stephen Maro

    omg this was one hour of crying for me and I stopped and then Dr.K cried and I cried more. I am not a gamer, I watched Dr.K streams with Reckful and I loved it when I saw there was part 2. I related to the guy so so much, that a week ago I'm watching the streams and now I know he did what I'm always thinking and it breaks my heart. i can't. I learned a lot from his videos with Dr.K and now.. I feel hopeless. I clicked on the video to see Dr.K view on the subject of suicide and I didn't know about Reckful. Dr.K said things I've been dyyiiing to hear I've been looking for help for anything that tells me I matter and I cried and then Reckful death came and this is all just so sad.

  22. shawn


  23. Shabu Shabu

    Ion even know how to start fighting my depression lol. I'm scared to tell someone cause I don't wanna worry them and cause them to go into a downward spiral thinking about me. It's real fucky

  24. T. A.

    not only does reaching out for help from others give them an opportunity to do good and feel good, it SHOWS them that it's OK TO BE VULNERABLE AND ASK FOR HELP

  25. Carl

    I'm literally on my bedroom floor sobbing now. I didn't even know who Reckful was, but watching this man who I only know as strong basically get down on his knees and beg me (I know this was broadcast to thousands, but he was also talking to us each individually) to be better

    It hurt so much. It hurt to know I almost stole away a piece of so many people I love years ago. I'm sorry, everyone. To my family. To my friends. I'm sorry I put your piece in danger. I'll protect it from now on, I promise. It's the most beautiful gift I've ever been given, and I'm sorry I almost threw it out like trash. I'm sorry. I'm gonna do better. I promise.

  26. Terry Topsis

    "You don't have to fight it alone" Yes, yes we fucking do

  27. Terry Topsis

    I'm in a really dark place tonight, but that subscriber's name at 5:37 really gave me a much needed laugh

  28. Arcies

    I'm going to get help, I promise. Thank you Dr. K <3

  29. ur uncles moms sons wife

    every year around this time i just completely spiral out of control. someone i really had looked up to and adored took his life. I completely ignore family, school, friends and even myself. its been 4 years now but i still haven't come to terms with it everyone around me doesnt know why im like this ive never told anyone about my feeling but i think its time i get help with not only his death but just my mental health in general. i just wanted to vent rq


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